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Bobby Jindal

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Governor of Louisiana (2008-2016)

One of America’s most successful public-sector executives and one of the boldest innovators in health care and education, Bobby Jindal brings to life the lessons learned from a career in leadership and public service, engaging audiences with in-depth analysis on the hot-button issues of today and his thoughts about the future of our country.

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Bobby Jindal Profile Photo

Bobby Jindal has consistently been an outspoken voice for integrity in a climate where corruption and dishonesty are all too common, and has dedicated a career in public service compelled to be part of the solution. Tested in ways few leaders have, Jindal has exemplified an astounding ability to overcome astounding obstacles and navigate highly complex conditions to achieve success. He offers audiences commonsense solutions and stories of determination and perseverance in his inspiring and impactful presentations. Not only elected the youngest governor in the country, Jindal was also the first American of Indian descent elected governor in U.S. history—as well as the first to run for President—and the first non-white governor in Louisiana since Reconstruction. Among many triumphs under his administration as governor, economic development resulted in over 91,000 new jobs and more than $62 billion in private capital investment. Credited with leading the recovery from the BP oil spill and orchestrating the largest evacuation of citizens in U.S. history, successfully moving 1.9 million civilians out of the path of Hurricane Gustav, he shares with audiences incredible insights on how to navigate through the unexpected, effectively lead through turbulence and instability under extraordinary pressure and swiftly and effectively implement change. With the résumé and accomplishments to rival most elder statesmen, Jindal brings incredible knowledge and experience to his presentations as he examines the issues most impacting your business and our world today.

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Bobby Jindal Profile Photo
Bobby Jindal

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Bobby Jindal Profile Photo
Bobby Jindal

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Bobby Jindal’s Speech Topics

  • The Future of Health Care Policy and Innovation

    Recognized as one of the boldest innovators in the healthcare sector, Bobby Jindal addresses the dramatic and chaotic changes taking place in the U.S. and around the world as costs continue to rise and complex systems no longer permit fragmented care. This chaotic environment will continue to evolve if and when the Affordable Care Act is repealed and replaced. In this enlightening presentation, Jindal shares his experience from a career serving others in both the private and public sectors and addresses the necessity of moving away from a “one-size-fits-all” health care system to one that empowers patients, lowers costs, and allows for increasing flexibility, customized benefits, and premium sharing. Jindal explains how he managed change in the face of major disruption caused by the implementation and maintenance of the ACA, and identifies innovative methods your audience can adopt to implement impactful change.

  • Conversation with Bobby Jindal

    One of America’s most successful public-sector executives and one of the most outspoken voices for integrity in public-service leadership, former governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal draws on an exceptional career and will engage in wide-ranging discussion on critical issues impacting businesses and the future of our country. His presentations are customized for each audience. Jindal examines issues and shares keen insight on topics such as:

    • The future of America
    • How leaders can swiftly and effectively implement change and lead others with strength through times of crisis
    • The national energy crisis, resources and proposed policy solutions
    • Bold and innovative health care policy reform solutions
    • Religious liberty and personal, inspiring stories around his own spiritual journey from Hinduism to Christianity
  • A Journey of Faith and Family

    Raised in a Hindu household by Indian immigrants, Bobby Jindal takes his audience on an inspiring journey, speaking openly about his decision to convert to Christianity and his eventual baptism into the Roman Catholic Church as a teenager. From the exact moment God felt tangible to Jindal, to the fear he had about breaking the news to his family, he shares with audiences the role that faith and family values have played throughout his life—how they have kept him grounded both personally and professionally—and addresses the war on religious liberty confronting the United States today. Unveiling the emotional and intellectual struggles of his spiritual journey from Hinduism to Christianity, Jindal offers an authentic perspective, looks to the future, and shares stories about the ways in which he remains active in the faith community.

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