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Bill Herz

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Magician and Comedian

Versatile, funny and entertaining, magician Bill Herz will be the talk of your event.

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Bill Herz'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

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A master magician and comedian, Bill Herz presents a fast-paced, interactive comedy, magic, and mind-reading show to executives and sales professionals who want more impact with their audience. “Slide shows and colorful graphics,” he says, “can go just so far; magic makes the message unforgettable.” Audiences walk with away upbeat, with strategies and ice-breakers for helping out with that next cold call or client meeting. Herz is also the perfect host or master of ceremonies at large or small events, intimate gatherings, trade shows, and expos.

Why Book Bill Herz
His repertoire runs from close-up sleight-of-hand to full-scale illusions where audience members float and your CEO appears out of thin air. Herz can custom-tailor the content and message of his show to meet the needs of your organization or meeting, even crafting a message and illusions that support your meeting’s theme.

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Bill Herz

It All Adds Up

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Bill Herz

The Thought Oscillator

Bill Herz’s Speech Topics

  • The Magic and Comedy of Bill Herz

    Bill Herz’s fast-paced, interactive comedy, magic and mind-reading show is ideal for groups of 20 to 2000. Requiring extensive audience participation, the show is an energetic display of visual dexterity, wit and psychological mysteries designed for thinking audiences. Borrowed objects vanish and reappear, spectators’ thoughts are stolen and eye-popping impossibilities make even the most sophisticated audiences wonder if what they saw is really possible…and the only staging requirements are a table, a microphone and a willing audience.

    Each show is custom tailored to the demographics of the group, incorporating your meeting’s themes and key business messages.

  • The Illusion Show

    Want your CEO or host to enter with a bang? A magical appearance is the perfect way to kick-off an event. In this unique and amazing program, Bill Herz combines his stand-up show with several larger illusions, including making audience members float, teaching an executive predict the future or demonstrating how your company can “flatten the competition.”

  • The Perfect Emcee or Host

    Want to keep the meeting moving or add an extra spark to make your event memorable? Bill Herz uses magic, mind reading and comedy to keep up the energy of general sessions throughout the day and over the course of a meeting. Adding short bursts of entertainment that leads into the next speaker’s topic, Herz ensures that predictability of the event completely disappears.

    Whether making serious or lighthearted speaker introductions, creating natural segues from one topic to another, announcing coffee breaks, introducing break-out sessions, or adding some fun to routine house-keeping notes, Herz’s wide-range of talents and ability to get laughs guarantees that your next event will never drag.


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