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Ben Nemtin

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#1 New York Times Bestselling Author; Ranked 2nd Best Motivational Speaker by Global Gurus; CoFounder of MTVs The Buried Life

Impossible is possible. #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Ben Nemtin's message of radical possibility has been featured on The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, FOX, and NBC News.

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Ben Nemtin'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Ben Nemtin Profile Photo

Ben Nemtin is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of What Do You Want to Do Before You Die? and The Bucket List Journal. Ben is ranked the #2 Motivational Speaker in the World by Global Gurus and starred in The Buried Life, MTV’s highest rated show on iTunes and Amazon. As the co-founder of The Buried Life movement, Ben’s message of radical possibility has been featured on The Today Show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, FOX, and NBC News. President Obama called Ben and The Buried Life “inspiration for a new generation” and Oprah declared their mission “truly inspiring.”

In his first year of university, Ben was unexpectedly hit with a depression that forced him to drop out. In an attempt to feel more alive, he created the world’s greatest bucket list with his three best friends. They borrowed a rickety old RV and crisscrossed North America, achieving the unthinkable. And most importantly, every time they accomplished a dream of their own, they helped a complete stranger cross something off their bucket list. From playing basketball with President Obama and having a beer with Prince Harry to reuniting a father and son after seventeen years and surprising a young girl with a much-needed bionic arm, So far, he’s crossed off 96 of his 100 list items and in 2025 he’ll be crossing off #100: Go to Space. Ben’s message of radical possibility has inspired millions to unlock their true potential.

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Ben Nemtin

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Ben Nemtin Profile Photo
Ben Nemtin

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Ben Nemtin’s Speech Topics

  • 5 Steps to Make the Impossible Possible

    Whether you need to set bigger goals or reach the ones you already have, Ben will help you get from “ambition” to “accomplishment.”

    Ben’s message of radical possibility combined with his ‘5 Steps to Make the Impossible Possible’ leaves audiences not only inspired but also equipped with tools to tackle the seemingly insurmountable. His system of achieving impossible goals demystifies daunting tasks by turning ‘dreams’ into ‘projects’ and creates inspiration through action and accountability.

    Ben reminds us that it’s never too late to start your list and leave your lasting impact on the world.

    As a result of this program, attendees will:

    • Learn how to accomplish seemingly impossible goals (5 Steps to Make the Impossible Possible).
    • Identify the #1 thing that holds you back from accomplishing your goals.
    • Learn Ben’s method to unbury your dreams and keep them unburied.
    • Develop a plan of action to drive you forward towards your goals.
  • Leading with Purpose

    Driving teams to thrive today requires new strategies for connecting and getting results. Retention and engagement are major issues as old leadership models don’t deliver like they once did. Effective leaders must go deeper and show empathy and understanding to help teams reach their true potential. When team members truly feel that their leadership and organization cares about their personal and their professional development, that’s where the magic happens.

    One of the best ways to help your team gain purpose is to connect with them around their personal and professional goals. As the lines between personal and professional lives blur, it’s time for leaders to develop the whole person.

    As a result of this program, attendees will learn:

    • A simple framework for connecting with your team around their personal and professional goals
    • Build a culture of belonging where team members know it’s ok to ask for help
    • Create a renewed feeling of purpose and trust within your team
    • Be a servant leader and maximize potential
    • Reignite commitment to the organization as people feel the organization is equally committed to them
  • Rethinking Mental Health

    Ben is a mental health advocate who believes that all humans have ups and they have downs. He believes the stigma around mental illness can be broken through open, honest conversations. However, the onus is not on the 1 in 5 who struggle with mental health to break the stigma, the responsibility falls on all of us.

    By showing how his vulnerabilities have become his strengths, Ben gives others the courage to talk about their internal battles. He shares the tools that help him cope with the stresses of life and emphasizes that it is ok to reach out for help.

    As a result of this program, attendees will:

    • Increase resilience, lower stress and feel equipped to manage the ups and downs of life.
    • Build their own ‘Mental Health Toolkit’ of easy to implement practices that increase wellbeing during times of anxiety and burnout.
    • Recognize that it’s ok to not be ok.
    • Walk away with resources to boost their mental health.
  • Resilience in the Face of Uncertainty

    The world is changing faster than we ever imagined, leaders and teams have to dig deep within themselves to break through and find opportunity in uncertain times. Before becoming a #1 NYT best-selling author, playing basketball at the White House, having beers with Prince Harry, or living out his other dreams, Ben suffered from crippling depression.

    After committing to a series of positive life changes, Ben had a shift in perspective that changed his outlook on life and opened himself up to endless possibilities. From there he committed to following his buried dreams and helping others through acts of service. The rest is history and Ben’s life changing message has opened up audiences around the world to cultures of service, gratitude, and endless potential.

    As a result of this program, attendees will:

    • Recognize that all aspects of your life impact your work performance.
    • 8 practices that increase wellbeing during times of stress, anxiety and burnout (Resilience Toolkit).
    • Proof that small acts of service can create a large scale impact in your organization and community.
    • Transform your perspective to optimize performance.

What other organizations say about Ben Nemtin

Ben Nemtin is relevant, engaging and inspiring with his delivery and beliefs. His message to our employees was a true gift both professionally and personally as he ignited a passion and emotion within our organization that yielded amazing results. He truly has made a meaningful impact in the lives of our associates


What other organizations say about Ben Nemtin

Ben’s storytelling and ability to connect with our audience was apparent from the minute he greeted our participants. Ben helped us realize that we as individuals and leaders have the ability to make a real impact and empower others to make that same impact not only professionally but in our everyday lives. I had so many attendees say it was the best event to date. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone wanting to add that “WOW” factor to their event.


What other organizations say about Ben Nemtin

Ben’s transformational keynote energized our team to move towards more productive, satisfying lives by committing to something greater than ourselves. Ben inspired a culture of service where we support each other, both inside and outside the office. This was a catalyst moment for our newly promoted senior managers.

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