Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D.
Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D.'s Speaking Fee Under $25,000

Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D.

Bridging art and science to help organizations gain insight into data and answer their biggest questions.

Director of Undergraduate Studies & Professor, Center for Data Science, New York University

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  • Innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Business
  • Creativity
  • Business Growth and Trends
  • Comedy and Humor

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  • Corporations
  • Senior Management Groups
  • The Finance Industry
  • The Professional Services Industry

Bridging art and science to help organizations gain insight into data and answer their biggest questions.

A data scientist, standup comedian, and circus artist walk into your next event. Wait -- it's the same person! Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D. is a professor of data science and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the New York University (NYU) Center for Data Science, which is pretty cool on its own. But she's also a regular standup comedian at some of NYC's top comedy clubs in Greenwich Village (plus occasional national and international tours). And there's even more: she's an internationally touring circus performer who has performed trapeze, aerial silks, fire, contortion, and more for audiences all over the world, including royalty (though alas, she has not (yet) been depicted in The Crown). In short: you've never seen a speaker quite like this.

How does this happen? Well, it's a long story, but the main theme of Dr. Jones-Rooy's life -- and a primary message in many of her talks -- is the importance of bringing together art and science. When we think of "data science", for example, we tend to think of spreadsheets packed with numbers, from which things like "analytics" and "insights" are derived. This is all well and good, but, as Dr. Jones-Rooy explains, you can learn much more from your data by applying creativity and imagination to your biggest questions. In fact, with a Ph.D. in political science, with a focus on complex systems, Dr. Jones-Rooy specializes in turning our abstract, messy, complex(!) world into rigorous data and social science problems that can be evaluated meaningfully with data -- and empowering others to do the same.

In addition to directing the undergraduate program in data science at NYU, Dr. Jones-Rooy teaches their flagship, perpetually waitlisted course: Data Science for Everyone. She also teaches advanced courses in data science, including natural language processing with a focus on transforming text into quantitative data. She also works as a research consultant to companies -- from some of the world's biggest Global Fortune 500s to the fastest growing startups, as well as nonprofits and governments -- helping them turn their people challenges and opportunities into data science research projects, with a special focus on the impact of measuring performance on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). In addition to longer-term research engagements, she also regularly speaks, keynotes, and facilitates and moderates panels on how to approach your thorniest, most important people problems with data, how and why to think like a social and data scientist about DEI, and why you don't have to be a "math person" to learn meaningful things from data. She brings a unique, infectious energy and passion for all things social and data science to her presentations that will leave all audiences eager to roll up their sleeves and join in the scientific fun.

Dr. Jones-Rooy grew up in rural Maryland, where she spent much of her childhood dreaming of life in big cities. After completing her Ph.D. at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a postdoctoral fellowship in social and decision sciences at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Jones-Rooy took a leap of faith and moved to Shanghai to found NYU Shanghai's undergraduate program in quantitative social science -- the first of its kind in mainland China. There, she also performed nightly at Cirque le Soir Shanghai and Kung Fu Komedy club, and now performs with Cirque's world tour and comedy clubs around the world. She now lives in New York City with her partner and two plants (one of them is *very* small, but not in a cool bonsai way).

Featured Videos

Andrea Jones-Rooy, Ph.D.'s Speech Topics

The Social and Data Science of Why DEI Matters to Us All -- and What to do About It

When we think about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, lots of things come to mind: unconscious bias, microaggressions, psychological safety, inclusive leadership, and more. All of these topics on their own are important, but you may be feeling like it's not clear how they all fit together, or how to approach them in a more tangible, systematic way than the occasional training that everyone eventually forgets about. In this presentation, Dr. Jones-Rooy weaves together both classic and cutting-edge social scientific research, from the science of power to behavioral economics to systems theory -- to illustrate why DEI matters to us all, how we can all become part of the change, and why we will all be better off for it. Throughout, Dr. Jones-Rooy draws on her extensive hands-on research with companies to give concrete examples of how to make meaningful, rigorous strides towards DEI in your organization, including her own concepts of the managerial case for DEI, why we should all be on the lookout for "work style" bias, and more. 

Data Science Needs You!

There's a lot of buzz these days about "data science" -- and rightly so! It's one of the most exciting areas of scientific development today. But what exactly does it mean -- and do I need to hire a whole team of data scientists in order to make awesome discoveries from my data? In this presentation, Dr. Jones-Rooy demystifies what exactly data science is all about, why it's so exciting, and how all of us (yes, all of us) can get involved. Audiences will leave with new ideas about the promise of data science, as well as -- more importantly -- tangible techniques that they can apply to use data to understand their most pressing questions right away. In the end, while fancy things like deep learning and neural networks are really exciting, Dr. Jones-Rooy argues that the most powerful technique in data science is still good old-fashioned ideas, imagination, and creativity, which we all have. 

How to Talk About Technical Topics in a Way that Excites Everyone

You're an expert in your field. That's great! But how can you share the amazing things you know -- and the things you love about your field -- in a way that causes others to not just sit up and pay attention, but perhaps even get involved themselves? In today's complex world, we need diverse perspectives on all our thorny problems, but we can't get those perspectives without engaging audiences from fields other than our own. In this high-impact presentation, Dr. Jones-Rooy will draw from a lifetime of experience as a professional speaker, standup comedian, and circus performer to share her top tips and techniques for talking about technical topics with any audience. Dr. Jones-Rooy firmly believes there is no topic so technical that you can't leave a crowd cheering at the end, and this presentation will show why -- and how -- to do so.