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Alex Goldfayn

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Two-Time Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and CEO of The Revenue Growth Consultancy

Alex Goldfayn helps companies create dramatic revenue growth, even when they can't see their customers and prospects.

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Alex Goldfayn'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Alex Goldfayn Profile Photo

Alex Goldfayn is the CEO of The Revenue Growth Consultancy, which helps clients grow their sales by 15 to 30% annually. 

He is one of the highest-rated and most sought-after sales speakers in the world, motivating sales teams, managers, executives and owners to take simple action which will predictably grow their sales. Alex teaches sales teams simple but powerful mindset shifts (from fear to confidence; from selling to helping) and behaviors (like systematically offering customers additional products and services) which lead to predictable and dramatic revenue growth. 

He is a two-time Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and his latest book Pick Up The Phone and Sell, out in September 2021, teaches salespeople how to double their sales with low-tech, old-school proactive phone calls. 

Alex’s two most recent books, 5-Minute Selling (published by Wiley in August 2020) and Selling Boldly (Wiley 2018) are WSJ bestsellers.  His 2015 book, The Revenue Growth Habit was honored as the sales book of the year by 800-CEO-Read, and Evangelist Marketing was published in 2012 by BenBella Books. 

Alex lives in the Chicago area with his wife, Lisa, and 12-year-old twins, and it’s immediately obvious to everyone that Lisa — who raises the kids and feeds Alex — works much harder than he does!

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Alex Goldfayn’s Speech Topics

  • Sales Growth Tactics and Action: Pick up the Phone & Sell: How Proactive Calls To Customers and Prospects Can Double Your Personal Sales

    In this high-energy and motivational session, WSJ bestselling author Alex Goldfayn will teach how just a few phone calls a day can double your personal sales. The phone is the single most effective — and avoided! — selling tool we have. Alex will cover how many calls to make, when to make them, exactly what to say (audience members will receive detailed scripts) whether you should leave a voice mail, and if so, what to say. 

    He’ll also lay out:

    • Direction on how to combine simple text messaging as a powerful enhancer of your phone selling. 
    • Advice on the role of social media, including LinkedIn, in boosting phone sales. 
    • Guidance on how to stop being afraid of picking up the phone, and how to effectively warm up your cold calls.

    Perfect for new and experienced salespeople alike, this is a session for those who are more comfortable with email, video calls, social and text messaging than they are with the phone. 

  • Sales Growth Strategy: 5-Minute Selling: The Proven Simple System That Will Bring You 20-30% Sales Growth Annually

    WSJ Bestselling Author and revenue growth consultant Alex Goldfayn’s clients add 15-30% new sales annually, on average, and in this speech he will take you through exactly how to do this…in 5 simple minutes per day…when you can’t see your customers and prospects in person. 

    The work involves feel-good proactive activities like picking up the phone and calling customers and prospects when nothing is wrong. Alex will also detail approaches including: following up on quotes and proposals consistently, and offering your additional products and services to customers and prospects; and consistently asking for the business. 

    The key is for your customer-facing staff to do these things systematically, not sporadically. Alex will arm you with specific planning and tracking tools so that you can implement this system at your organization. You’ll leave knowing exactly what to do, and why. 

  • Sales Growth Mindset: Selling Boldly: Applying The New Science of Positive Psychology To Dramatically Increase Your Happiness, Confidence & Sales

    Mindset accounts for two-thirds of sales success, since nearly all salespeople know what to do to grow sales. But fear gets in the way, and keeps us from doing the things we know we should do. In this presentation, Alex will present the incredibly powerful mindset shifts required for sales success, including: 

    • Proactive selling instead of reactive selling
    • Confidence instead of fear
    • Boldness instead of meekness
    • Optimism instead of pessimism
    • Gratitude instead of cynicism
    • Perseverance over surrender
    • Value and relationship instead of focusing on products, services and specs
    • Making it look easy versus laboring

    Behavior follows thinking. It’s impossible to outsell your mindset. Bring Alex in for this exciting session and revolutionize the mindset and energy of your members, or sales organization. 


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