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Adam Braun

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Founder of Climate Club and Pencils of Promise; New York Times best-selling Author

Adam Braun seamlessly weaves together the worlds of business, entrepreneurship, and social impact, captivating audiences with his inspiring journey and empowering message. As the founder of Pencils of Promise, Braun is a visionary leader. He has a compelling story of transforming one idea into a global movement, and shares invaluable lessons on resilience, leadership, and the power of purpose-driven work.

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Adam Braun Profile Photo

Adam Braun is consistently the highest-rated speaker in the history of every event he speaks at, and is unique as he’s able to “build not for where the world is today but where it will be in 3-5 years.” Sharing those insights with audiences can lead to transformative value for each organizer and their attendees. He mixes humor with story-telling and inspiration, leaving audiences with five customized, actionable takeaways in every speech he delivers.

He can relate to wide ranges of audiences because he has been a pioneer in both the for-profit and for-purpose spaces, building companies that have succeeded in the startup ecosystem as well as with large corporate leaders. His journey started as a 21-year-old; he can tell a message that resonates deeply with college students but as a now seasoned executive and father of four, he can also share an uplifting message to professionals across every generation about the opportunity to find innovative opportunities within your industry and life to drive remarkable transformation and success.

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Adam Braun Profile Photo
Adam Braun

Adam Braun on Transforming Ordinary into Extraordinary

Adam Braun Profile Photo
Adam Braun

Adam Braun on Getting Out of His Comfort Zone

Adam Braun’s Speech Topics

  • Ordinary Person, Extraordinary Change: How to Affect the Masses

    Adam Braun captivates audiences with his story of being an ordinary person, creating extraordinary change — something he believes everyone can do. In this inspirational presentation, Braun shares five key phrases that will serve as guideposts when facing the most challenging moments in our careers and lives. This talk takes your audience on an unforgettable and inspiring journey— sure to leave them buzzing and eager to consider the following questions with a new lens:

    • How do you discover your next big idea?
    • How do you turn that big idea into action?
    • How do you engage those around you to build a movement?
    • How do you empower and inspire others?
  • The Alpha Effect: How Great Leaders Invest in Others

    While most think of an alpha leader as the dominant figure in every room, true alpha males and females in nature are only successful because of the empathy they display towards others in their tribe and the investments they make in strengthening each member of their pack. In this talk, Braun unveils the surprising traits of a new type of enduring leadership that focuses on collective team success and the exact tactics to make it happen. By explaining the best practices of the world’s greatest alpha leaders in creating workplace culture, he unveils the actions you can take today to build teams that reach their greatest potential together.

  • Sustainability for the New Economy: The Greatest Opportunity of Our Time

    The emergency of sustainability as a must-solve challenge for our society has led to deep investment from companies, individuals and governments. But how do we position ourselves and our companies to be successful in this new era? As the CEO & Founder of Climate Club, the #1 sustainability success platform for leading companies, Adam Braun walks audiences through the history of this rapidly growing challenge and the critical steps each of us as individuals and business leaders can take to be a part of the solution. This speech is not about doom and gloom, it’s an uplifting journey through the stories of innovation and growth that will leave audiences clear-eyed about the greatest opportunity to drive impact and business value of our time.


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