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The Future of Everything

Innovation and Healthcare Futurist, Nicholas J. Webb, shares his insights on the massive impact of “Chaotic Innovation” and what leaders can do to manage change within their organization.

To quote my 17-year-old daughter “disruption is sooooo 2021.”

Every industrial category and market are now the subject of massive chaotic change. All organizations are transitioning from our historical state of Symmetrical Innovation, through Disruptive Innovation to our current state of Chaotic Innovation. We are no longer living in a time of disruption. Change is now officially a blur. Chaotic Innovation goes beyond the speed and the size of change of disruption to a new state of asymmetrical and chaotic change. The best organizations in the world are leaning into Chaotic Innovation to identify the opportunities while avoiding real risks. Today, organizational leaders need to develop a new level of clarity of Chaotic Innovation in order to manage change and complexity within their enterprise. In 2023 we will need to pay special attention to three big pillars of change that include:

1. Hyper-consumerism

Whether you are a not-for-profit, B2B, or B2C organization, your customers are demanding more…far more! The best organizations in the world are developing next generation Consumer Experience (CX) Design that creates exceptional experiences across the five touch points of their customer’s journey. Additionally, they’re developing hate/love personas to identify what their customers hate, and what their customers love in order to instruct new innovations that will delight their customers. In summary, the best organizations are delivering outrageously good customer experiences, in addition to their technologies and services.

2. Human Experience (HX) Design

It is said that there are talented people, and there are unemployed people, but there are no unemployed talented people. Organizations are people powered, and in the new chaotic workplace organizations need to build out thoughtful Human Experience Design that significantly improves the experience for the employee. The great talent drought of 2023 mandates that we build cultures of happiness to attract and retain mission critical employees.

3. Lean Into the Blur

Virtually every aspect of organizational management has become so confusing. It is now described as a blur. Unfortunately, many organizational leaders are leaning away from the blur and attempting to hide out from massive change. This is a really bad idea, as in a time of “differentness” institutionalizing “sameness” will result in enterprise failure. The best organizations are “leaning into the blur” and understanding the changing marketplace, workforce, and technological landscape to build future ready strategies that deliver guaranteed strategic results.

It is said that the future belongs to those who prepare for it, and today that axiom absolutely rings true. Preparing for the future requires a willingness to adapt and learn while accelerating innovation, collaboration, and co-creation.

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