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Willie Geist

Keynote Speaker

Co-Host, NBC's Today and MSNBC's Morning Joe

From looking at the follies of newsmakers to highlighting the latest in pop culture intrigues, Willie Geist brings a fun, insightful and fresh look at the serious—and seriously absurd—stories dominating today's headlines.

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Willie Geist Profile Photo

As co-host of two of the most talked about shows on morning television, Willie Geist provides an edgy, entertaining and always amusing look at the most unusual stories making news around the world. Geist is an observer of all quirky stories and uses his unique ability to find humor in the most mundane of subject matter.  Geist shares with audiences his experiences opposite the biggest newsmakers in the worlds of politics, media and culture, as well as his ironic look at the often-peculiar national conversation. He is the author of the New York Times best-selling book, American Freak Show: The Completely Fabricated Stories of Our New National Treasures (2010) and co-author of Loaded!: Become a Millionaire Overnight and Lose 20 Pounds in 2 Weeks, or Your Money Back (2011).

Willie Geist’s Speech Topics

  • News You Can’t Use: A Skewed Look at Modern America’s Life and Times

    Willie Geist has a front-row seat to the news every morning on the TODAY show and on Morning Joe, a program The New York Times called one of the ten best on television. Sitting at the crossroads of D.C. politics and New York media, Willie sits face-to-face with the country’s biggest newsmakers, adding his biting satirical take to the national conversation. A rising star and the youngest host in all of network news, Willie was recently compared to a young Dick Cavett by The Village Voice. Willie’s presentation is at once a hilarious, topical commentary on our culture and a more sober look toward the future of his own business.


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