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William Bennett

Keynote Speaker

Senior Correspondent, Making America Work; Former Radio Host, Bill Bennett’s Morning In America and Former Secretary of Education

A well-known conservative icon and host of one of the most popular syndicated radio programs in America, William Bennett puts his unrivaled experience—and insider access to today's newsmakers—to use in analyzing the political, cultural and educational issues of our time.

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William Bennett'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

William Bennett Profile Photo

Former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett is one of America’s most significant, influential and respected thought leaders on education and politics. Bennett is an award-winning professor having taught at the University of Texas, Boston University and Harvard; a twice-appointed Cabinet member; New York Times best-selling author; and popular political commentator who leverages his connections to Washington’s top news and opinion makers. Bennett is also an advisor to Udacity, a California education company that is using digital learning to reshape higher education. His latest book, Tried by Fire (2016) covers the rise and vast influence of Christianity across the globe. Bennett is a senior advisor to Project Lead The Way, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to reviving STEM education. In 2000, he co-founded K-12, an online learning company. He formerly hosted a daily direct conversation with millions of Americans on his morning radio program, Morning in America. Today, he serves as senior correspondent, producing the daily Make America Work series. Bennett has appeared hundreds of times on cable news outlets and in the pages of the nation’s most influential newspapers, speaking and writing on topics as diverse as education, the family and the importance of America on the world stage. With humor, candor, charm and open-mindedness, Bennett helps us all understand what today’s headlines mean for our political, policy and educational future.

William Bennett’s Speech Topics

  • Mornings in America: A Look at the Political Landscape

    In today’s political culture Democrats and Republicans divide on practically everything from war to gay marriage to health care to Supreme Court nominations. Is the intensity and animosity of today’s political climate unprecedented or exaggerated? Or is this just business-as-usual Washington politics? And how has an intense political climate impacted the Biden Administration’s agenda and its working relationship with Congress? A well-known Republican who has crossed party lines throughout his political career to pursue important common purposes, Bill Bennett has the pulse of the American electorate as the host the popular, nationally-syndicated radio program Bill Bennett’s Mornings in America. In this timely presentation, Bennett gets to the truths behind the current political prevailing sentiments and engages in a lively conversation on the issues moving the American electorate.

  • The Promise of America in Challenging Times

    Economic, political and social headlines have undermined the foundations of America’s faith in its future. At the center of American life for the last four decades, first as a Cabinet official in the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush and as one of the country’s most respected political analysts, Bill Bennett reminds us that we have triumphed through hardship before—and have become a stronger nation because of it. In this uplifting discussion that dispels the notion that America’s best days are behind us, the patriotic Bennett inspires citizens to get involved in the national discourse and boldly confront the complex issues that lie before us. Bennett shows, that even through the most trying of times, America remains the world’s last best hope whose achievements remain high and remarkable.

  • Education Today: Tough Problems, Tougher Solutions

    America is in dire need of improving its educational system but more inputs—from money to personnel—is not the solution. The Secretary of Education who garnered both controversy and admiration for his fiercely passionate views on educating—and not failing—the nation’s children, Bill Bennett delivers bold solutions for closing the achievement gap through testing, tough standards, better books, and better teachers (and more rewards for those teachers). With an eye toward the future, Bennett shares what America must do to stay competitive with the systems in Europe and Asia including innovating in areas such as online education, charter schools and cutting the educational bureaucracy so that states and localities have the resources they need to increase educational performance and secure America’s economic future.

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William Bennett was fantastic because he was able to bring in interesting anecdotes from a long and illustrious career in government, academia and the private sector and make them relevant to our audience.



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