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Stephen Harvill

International Speaker and Strategist; Expert in Organizational Dynamics, Leadership, Sales Behavior and Corporate Education; Author

Complexity threatens all aspects of the client experience, while simplicity, an almost universal goal, remains elusive for most companies. Steve Harvill and his Creative Ventures team have isolated the patterns that form simple, elegant and powerful strategies creating impact and opportunity.

Stephen Harvill Profile Photo

For 30 years, Steve Harvill, founder and CEO of Creative Ventures, has pioneered methods and techniques that have helped companies stretch to their true potential. Working with companies of all sizes, from the Fortune 100 to small start-ups, Steve focuses his ideas and energy to achieve extraordinary results. Centered in three business units—presentations, education and consulting, Steve spreads a base of original ideas that are reshaping the landscape of business. Over the last three decades, he has helped some of the world’s most respected companies realize their true capabilities through implementing pioneering methods in organizational dynamics and strategic thinking. Today, Steve works with organizations to help them remove the boundaries and restrictive thinking that are pervasive across corporate America. As one of the country’s top strategy consultants and educators, he works with companies to maximize the potential of their human capital and organization as a whole. Sometimes the changes are large in scope, but often the changes begin with small, positive steps and creative approaches. Steve’s schedule has him crisscrossing the globe to bring these unique and dynamic approaches to a client base that includes IBM, Disney, Wells Fargo, Pepsi, Southwest Airlines, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Zappos, AIA and Allianz.

Stephen Harvill’s Speech Topics

  • The DNA of Success

    What makes good leaders great? In one of the latest strategic platforms from Steve Harvill, he shares the results of an independent study of the leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies. The study resulted in a simple discovery: 11 shared behaviors that are directly connected to both individual and corporate success. These 11 behaviors cross industry barriers, providing a menu-driven model that creates a mechanism for success. Delivered in a multimedia and interactive format, this cutting-edge data will challenge your perception of impactful leadership and create a foundation for the development of your leadership model.

  • The Once Upon a Time Project

    There are stories being crafted. There are stories being told. There are stories of authenticity and richness that engage our minds and imaginations. There are stories tired in their design and missing the mark of impact. What’s your story and how well do you tell it? The Once Upon a Time Project is a strategic platform based on two elements: crafting, the art of writing a true and meaningful story; and telling, the skill of telling your story and weaving its content towards impact. Your stories are already there, most of the time in plain sight. You need to capture them, to help us know and understand what you do, what value you bring, and how you’re different. This is story-based marketing.

  • Elegant Simplicity

    The death of effective planning lies in our desire for “more.” We believe that more allows us to gain ground, to move forward, but the reality is that more leads to complexity. The more complex a model, the less likely that model is to become a reality. In this dynamic presentation, Steve Harvill shares why we move towards complexity, the key difference between simple and easy, the advantage of teams, the space between cause and effect, being an architect of time, and a discipline of thinking that brings the model together.

  • Dazzling Blue

    Why do we continually settle for ordinary when the step to extraordinary is so simple? Why do we ignore the power of a simple story? Why do we miss the return we are given when we focus on the client experience? Why don’t we create opportunity instead of waiting for it, and when we see the chance, why don’t we make the opportunity scream WOW? These questions form the core of the Dazzling Blue movement, a journey to your ability to become extraordinary, to develop a sustained performance that will separate and differentiate you in a world continually marginalized by common experience. Dazzling Blue, a strategic platform from Steve Harvill, will immerse you in a multimedia experience specifically designed to provide you with a simple three-part plan to start you on the journey to extraordinary.

  • Anybody Anywhere: The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Everyone

    The entrepreneurial spirit isn't just about being part of the “gig” economy. It's not just about venturing out on your own or building your book of business within a company. It's not just about your first franchise or being a small business owner. It's about a mindset, an attitude that thrives on empowerment and resourceful thinking. The entrepreneurial spirit is about the way you see what you do.

    The program teaches the SHARED power behaviors discovered in over 100 interviews of successful entrepreneurs. It's about the advantage of discovering what does and doesn't work. Most of all it's about a dynamic spirit that's available to ANYBODY ANYWHERE.

    Delivered in the dynamic, visual and participatory style of Creative Ventures. Customized time frames to meet any meeting needs.

  • Repeatable Successful Acts

    Most organizations know the metrics used to judge the success of their sales force. What they don’t know is the missing piece—it’s what their sales force DOES. What actions or behaviors generated sales and which, if any, can be repeated to generate the same success? Steve Harvill and his company, Creative Ventures, conducted a 2-year study into 7 different industries interviewing their top producers to discover the patterns of behaviors that led to their success. This speech, based on the book 21 Secrets of Million Dollar Sellers: America's Top Producers Reveal the Keys to Sales Success, offers 21 specific sales activities shared between industries, which can be repeated by anyone. This multimedia, interactive program introduces this research to create a simple and dynamic sales process you can apply today!


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