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Riz Khan

Award-Winning International Journalist, Best-Selling Author and TV Host From Al Jazeera English, CNN International and BBC World

With unique insight and a career launching and fronting the world's three major global news networks, Riz Khan is one of the most recognized, trusted and respected international journalists today.

Riz Khan Profile Photo

Very few people have conducted the variety of high-profile interviews across such a diverse range of issues as Riz Khan. From world leaders and business icons to film and music celebrities, Khan has led the field of international one-on-one interviews while hosting flagship news and current affairs shows at the world’s three major global news networks. Trust and credibility built up over 25 years have given Khan access to key newsmakers on every continent. Becoming the BBC’s first person of South Asian origin in mainstream news—and co-anchoring the very first show on BBC World Service TV News in November 1991—gave Khan an acclaimed public visibility that grew even more when CNN International hired him in 1993 as its leading news figure. In 1996, he launched his groundbreaking flagship interview show, Q&A with Riz Khan—featuring heads of state, celebrities and other leading figures taking calls from viewers around the world on live TV. In 1998, Khan made history once again with unprecedented, award-winning live coverage of the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. Khan was also a prime face for CNNI’s coverage of breaking news, high-profile stories and global events. In 2005, he moved to Al Jazeera becoming a founding director of the now globally acclaimed network Al Jazeera English, hosting the flagship shows Riz Khan and Riz Khan’s One on One. In 2013, he launched a weekly topical show Riz Khan’s Q&A on Bloomberg TV Africa, a new television network airing in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Khan also received praise for his candid, best-selling biography of Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia—one of the world’s richest men and the biggest individual foreign investor in the USA—Alwaleed: Businessman, Billionaire, Prince (2005) intimately follows the Prince’s bailout of Citibank as well as his investment strategy into the world’s leading brands. In 2012, Khan e-published his first fiction novel titled We Interrupt Our Programming…, a spoof on the international news industry with proceeds supporting a charity that builds children’s libraries in underprivileged communities around the world. His work as an accomplished speaker and moderator over the years has him in high demand at leading global events such as the World Economic Forum, United Nations conferences, top corporate events for multinationals such as Cisco and Standard Chartered Bank, as well as a host of other gatherings. Khan’s career at the very cutting edge of the international news industry, combined with a dynamic and highly engaging delivery, makes Khan one of the most recognized and respected people on the global events circuit.

Riz Khan’s Speech Topics

  • Looking East to the New Economic and Political Powers

    Some of the biggest development projects in the USA are being paid for by foreign money, while Europe struggles to hold together as an economic and political bloc. The West has gone hat-in-hand to the emerging Eastern powers, looking for financial support at a time of high debt and extreme economic duress. From Turkey to the Arab world, eyes are turning east for guidance on where the future stands. With more than two decades of travelling across the globe interviewing some of the leading names in politics and business, Riz Khan has witnessed the transformation of the global market place to where countries such as China and India hold the key to the door of the 21st Century. As the author of Alwaleed: Businessman, Billionaire, Prince (2005) Khan witnessed firsthand the business relationship between the USA and its largest individual investor – a Royal Saudi entrepreneur, sitting in on meetings between Prince Alwaleed and former U.S. Presidents, captains of industry such as Steve Jobs, and a host of leading Western figures. As outsourcing of jobs and a lack of opportunities dominates the America's ailing economy, Riz Khan examines where the West has gone wrong… and the real opportunities being missed.

  • Let the Expert Be the Expert – The Secret of Good Moderating

    One of the most important components of a successful event is having an expert moderate the content and flow to create a truly dynamic, informative and enjoyable event. For almost two decades, Riz Khan has been a key component in making sure high-profile conferences and other events achieve their real potential. With seasoned experience as one of the world's leading journalists, he manages to moderate and MC events to an exceptionally high standard – allowing organizers to get the most out of their gathering. It's a skill that has put him in high demand on the international circuit.

  • The Real Impact of New Media

    TV is dead! At least that what many people at the forefront of new media believe. The shift from linear, “appointment” viewing to on-line, on-demand, and mobile access of content has changed the dynamics of not only the entertainment business – but also the global news industry. Most of the leading networks have been incredibly slow in embracing the potential of the latest technology and trends, from social networking and crowd sourcing, to citizen journalism and new delivery systems. What does this mean for those who want information instantly, accurately, and globally? Riz Khan has watched the transforming landscape of news and offers an insightful perspective on where the traditional news business is missing key opportunities and losing “eyeballs”. The survival of news as a reliable and impartial service is very much at stake.

  • Getting Your Story Out There

    The media can be a friend or foe to business – depending on how it is engaged. In many cases, great stories get overlooked, while less engaging issues seem to dominate the airwaves and front pages. Understanding how the media works is a key factor in making sure a business or related issues not only survive but thrive. Having interviewed some of the leading global figures in the business world, Riz Khan has witnessed how managers can commit grave errors that can seriously affect their bottom line. Through examples of how big business has gone wrong – as well as its successes – Khan candidly explores the relationship between the journalist and the interviewee – and how that dynamic can change. It's a valuable insight looking behind the closed doors of the media.

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The event was a HUGE success – everyone has been giving us tremendously positive feedback. And the feedback on Riz Khan: 94% of the audience voted his moderating as either very good or excellent. Amazing!

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What other organizations say about Riz Khan

The whole team here is very happy about the outcome of the Symposium. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback on Riz Khan and as you can imagine we are very glad that it went so well… I would like to personally thank you for what you have done for us.

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