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Richard Gerver

Cited by Sir Ken Robinson as the very embodiment of his high-thinking on unleashing creativity and human potential, Richard Gerver’s transformative approach to leading change and innovation has been embraced by business and educational organizations all over the world.
Innovator, Educator, Advisor to the UK Government and Best-Selling Author

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Cited by Sir Ken Robinson as the very embodiment of his high-thinking on unleashing creativity and human potential, Richard Gerver’s transformative approach to leading change and innovation has been embraced by business and educational organizations all over the world.

Richard Gerver, author of Change: Learn to Love It, Learn to Lead It, offers a groundbreaking look into how the world is dealing with the challenge of unleashing human potential and embracing and leading change.  Gerver, a former school principal and advisor to the UK Government, has taken innovation by storm. He has been named UK Business Speaker of the Year twice and has spoken at both TED and RSA events. His unique experience and insight into realising human potential now has him focusing his time on working with all types organizations at the forefront of global innovation and excellence including Microsoft, Deloitte, Google and TUI, as well as working with some of the world's most iconic retail organizations including Harrods in London.  In his latest book, Simple Thinking: How to Remove Complexity from Life and Work (August 2016), Gerver shares simple behaviors that unclutter obstacles and blockages to enable you to unlock your full potential.

Gerver's unique insight into our development from infants to adults helps us to understand the nature of our personal and professional responses to risk, change, creativity and development. His ability to connect experiences across many, often seemingly different environments, helps people to expand their thinking and their own perception of their potential. With his trademark humor and insight, Gerver shares his experience on cultural and organizational transformation, human development and management with groups around the world. Thanks to his own story and his authentic first hand experiences, Gerver has been described as one of the most inspirational leaders of his generation, he however, argues that his work is focused on three words; communication, empowerment and impact.

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Simplicity: An Uncomplicated Guide to Success

Renowned for his highly accessible and common sense take on complex issues around change and human leadership, Richard Gerver brings his pragmatic, insightful and people centric experiences to the exploration of success; what it is and how we can achieve it. This exciting and dynamic speech will leave audiences inspired and more importantly empowered, with the belief that they can; individually and as part of an organisation. How they develop strategies that will ultimately lead to real success and achievement.Based on the research and messages in his highly anticipated new book of the same name, Gerver’s session will leave participants with a real clarity of the mind-sets, behaviours and attributes needed to aim higher and achieve more. Using his unique storytelling style, Gerver brings incredible energy, insight and eloquence to what has been traditionally seen as a complex and often academic process. He will share the key learning that he has gained from years of working, firstly to develop one of the world’s most celebrated education transformations to his work with some of the planet’s most successful people and organisations across every sector.  Based on experience and practice, never theory, the authenticity of his session will leave people with new views on risk, communication, collaboration and ultimately what it takes to be successful.

Resilience: The Currency of the High Roller

Over the last ten years, Richard has been working with some of the world’s most successful sports and business organisations; from Olympic and Paralympic coaches to football league managers, golf pros and cricket teams. His work has been centred on developing resilience in athletes. It is work that he has translated into his work in high performing corporate environments where the ability to risk, learn and develop are vital. Richard argues that it is often some of the most naturally gifted who struggle most with resilience and that having the confidence to fail and to overcome major adversity is critical if we are to get the best out ourselves and our people. In this session, Richard will use his unique insights into human development and success to help audiences understand what holds people back and how to unlock their full potential.

Education: Tomorrow Belongs to Those Who Prepare For It

Education is the single most important factor that will determine the future; for our children, our economy, society and ultimately our planet. Richard Gerver uses his unique, authentic and experience driven insights, to clarify the vision, thinking and processes that we must all go through, if we are to ensure that we all; teachers, administrators parents and policy makers, develop a system that prepares our young people for a world class future. Gerver uses his experiences as a former award winning teacher, globally renowned principal, school and university board member and government policy advisor, to mesh together, with clarity and deep insight, exactly what needs to be discussed and done; from high level strategy to classroom practice. He not only brings his reputation as one of the world’s most innovative and successful educators to his sessions but is uniquely able to bridge the connections between education, business, sport and culture, thanks to his ground breaking work in those fields; having worked with Olympic coaches, EPL Teams and Golf pros, as well as with some of the globe’s biggest companies and extensively in the music industry. Gerver is able to speak with precision about exactly what skills, behaviours and attributes our children will need to not only survive but thrive in their futures. His education speeches are noted world-wide for their humor, insight, provocations and practical application. They mirror his first best-selling book. Creating Tomorrow’s Schools Today.    

Change: Leading and Sustaining a Culture of Organizational Change

In this unique session, Gerver explores why change and uncertainty becomes so challenging for so many; links to risk aversion, a need for safety, security and control, hamper and stifle so many people and organizations. Gerver argues that we must understand why it is that so many of us develop an aversion to change as we grow and how we must change our mind-sets and motivations as a result. He explains why it is so important that we focus on developing the capacity of our people not only to accept change but to be active participants in it, if we are to evolve cultures of sustainable change and development. Cultures where responsibilities and accountabilities are shared, where ideas and momentum can spring from anywhere and where traditional hierarchies morph to facilitate self-leadership and real collaboration.  He will explore the power of creativity, curiosity and confidence to understand how to embrace change in uncertain times and just why we must shift the paradigm to understand that change is not a program or a strategy but is an ever present in the organic nature of the 21st Century.He will use his unique perspective as an educator, a leader and a high performance mentor to provoke new thinking about change as a core factor in defining our future successes on human and organizational levels.


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Richard Gerver

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