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Pamela Meyer

Founder & CEO, Calibrate; Author of Liespotting, TED Superstar

Pamela Meyer thinks we’re facing a pandemic of deception, and she’s arming people with tools that can help take back the truth.

Pamela Meyer Profile Photo

Pamela Meyer is CEO of Calibrate, a company that trains private and public sector professionals in verbal and non-verbal cues to deception, facial micro-expression interpretation, advanced interrogation techniques, and inside threat mitigation. Author of the bestselling book Liespotting and known as the nation’s best known expert on deception, Meyer’s TED talk, “How to Spot a Liar,” has garnered over 18 million views and is one of the 15 most popular TED talks of all time.

Meyer holds an MBA from Harvard, an MA in Public Policy from Claremont Graduate School, and is a Certified Fraud Examiner. She was previously a media executive with over 20 years in management at Prodigy, National Geographic Television, Vestron, and Electronic Arts. She has also started several successful internet ventures under the Simpatico Networks banner.

Meyer was recently top-ranked on Business Insider‘s list of “Smart Thinkers Everyone Should Follow on Twitter.” She has been featured in publications such as The Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Forbes.


Pamela Meyer’s Speech Topics

  • Finding the Truth, Building Trust That Lasts, Understanding Hidden Intentions

    In this fascinating exploration of personal interaction, Pamela Meyer unveils the secret science of lie detection and interrogation that has never before been brought to the business world. Government officials, border control agents, police interrogators and social scientists have been studying and practicing lie detection and deceptive behavior for years.  Pamela takes her participants through a thorough training session that will show them what's hiding in plain sight in every business meeting, job interview and negotiation. She will leave them equipped to:

    • Read facial micro-expressions to determine subtle signs of deceptive behavior and underlying emotion
    • Gain the upper hand in business negotiations by learning specific behaviors liars exhibit while in a negotiation, interview, or meeting.
    • Master the five-step BASIC method for spotting the lies told in nearly every high-stakes business negotiation and interview
    • Ask the 10 questions that will get people to tell you anything
      • Recognize dozens of postures and facial expressions that should instantly put you on Red Alert for deception
      • Distinguish the telltale phrases and verbal responses that separate truthful stories from deceitful ones
      • Maintain meaningful rapport even during the most difficult conversations
      • Conduct mock interrogations, and master interviewing strategies that surface the truth
      • Build a circle of trusted advisors and associates who offer deep, substantial support that lasts

    Studies show we are lied to between 20-200 times each day while trust in private and public institutions is at an all-time low:  Leaders are lied to most often in high stakes situations. Participants will acquire a new set of skills that allow them to quickly and accurately assess deceptive and potentially costly encounters. They will be given a realistic roadmap for developing institutional trust.

  • Three Truths About Lying and a Radical Path to Trust

    Which personality types lie? How is deception expressed in email … on the phone … in person? How can deception be detected through body language, statement analysis, interviewing techniques, and interrogation? How can negotiators gain the upper hand and close deals that last by mastering deception detection techniques. In this fast-paced and humorous presentation, Pamela Meyer uses video and a rapid slide presentation of well-known public figures as examples. She keeps her audience laughing while they are learning and provides useful deception detection tools to build a path toward trust that lasts. Above all she emphasizes integrity, maturity, and the importance of having difficult conversations during difficult times.

  • Fabrication Nation

    10 Big Lies that are destroying our civilization and how take back the truth


    What if we learned to navigate fakery and deception and find our way to the truth? What if, by doing that, we found friends with whom we had deep connection, worked for companies and organizations that had integrity and inspired us every day, and associated with people and institutions that we trusted? Understanding how deception infiltrates our world will not make us more paranoid and distrustful, but less so.

    In this penetrating and hilarious rapid-fire presentation, Pamela makes us look hard at our own cultural bind spots, and teaches us learn to spot falsehood where it lives: fake science, fake religion, fake news, fake universities, fake vacation home rentals, fake dates.

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