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Mark Jeffries

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Expert, Influencing Using "Soft" Communication Skills

The "hard sell" — persuading aggressively — is how most organizations and people do business. Mark Jeffries offers "soft" skills that work better.

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Mark Jeffries Profile Photo

Mark Jeffries is a master communicator, esteemed author, and a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, specializing in the art of influence, networking, and relationship-building. With a background in stockbroking and broadcasting, Jeffries brings a unique blend of experience, making complex concepts of strategic communication and soft skills tangible and actionable for professionals across sectors.

In his engaging keynotes, Jeffries employs a combination of wit, wisdom, and real-world examples to demystify the subtleties of effective communication, persuasion, and personal branding. His practical frameworks, such as the “3Vs (Visual, Vocal, Verbal)” and “The L-WAR. Listen, Watch, Anticipate, React,” provide audiences with immediate takeaways to enhance their influence in both personal and professional interactions.

Booking Mark Jeffries ensures your audience will not only be entertained but also equipped with powerful tools to build rapport, foster innovation through collaboration, and navigate the complexities of business networking. His sessions are an investment in elevating the caliber of interpersonal skills within your team or organization, promising a lasting impact on performance and relationships.

Mark Jeffries’s Speech Topics

  • Smart Communication in Tough Times: How to Harness Today’s Profit Opportunities

    The days of the hard sell—of selling yourself, assuming people will buy and hoping for the best—are over, according to Mark Jeffries. In today’s more selling-sophisticated world, the client communication skills that win are the “soft skills”—skills that positively enhance the way others perceive you. In this unique presentation guaranteed to make audiences think differently about how they are perceived, Jeffries describes these seemingly intangible soft skills, showing you how to integrate them into your professional life for bottom-line success. In Jeffries’s presentation, you will learn:

    • Soft skills—how to influence others
    • The golden rules of networking
    • Boardroom etiquette
    • How to make more powerful and effective presentations and pitches
    • How to plant the seed of an idea
    • How to read other people
    • Techniquette—the etiquette of technology
    • How to alter the way others perceive you
    • How to understand your own image
    • The secret messages you really convey
  • Communicating with Your Team in Tough Times

    In today’s economic climate you need to remotivate your people for success and prepare them for the profit and sales opportunities ahead. A former stockbroker and economist, Mark Jeffries is a leading expert in strategic communications and his book, What’s up with your handshake? Using the Secrets of Strategic Communication and Soft Skills to Win,reached No. 1 in Amazon’s sales skills category. In this instantly usable and relevant keynote, Jeffries shares important insights on not only how to meet today’s challenges, but also how to forge ahead to grab the next opportunity. He offers:

    • A toolbox of ideas to grow a profitable business by improving your team’s communication
    • Ways to network, negotiate, and connect with clients and colleagues at this challenging time
    • Ways to build and maintain valuable relationships through the subtleties of word power
    • The secrets of planting ideas, accumulating payback credits and encouraging meeting etiquette
  • Hosted, Emceed or Moderated by Mark Jeffries

    As a former TV host, Jeffries brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every event. He is also an entertaining and experienced emcee and moderator who quickly masters the intricacies of business within any industry.

  • The Art of Business Influence: Selling without Selling

    Whether it’s leveraging your network, planting psychological ‘seeds’, using Social Media to grow your success, creating influence or negotiating deals – Mark Jeffries has a toolbox of innovative, instantly useable and very entertaining methods and techniques to help increase the success of any audience member.

    You may wish to elevate your audience’s skills around story-telling, delivering “sticky” messages or becoming that trusted advisor – maybe you need them to more effectively collaborate, communicate and deliver the chosen brand – whatever your communication and influence objectives, Mark Jeffries speech will prove a high point at your meeting.

    Based on ideas revealed in Mark’s two books, What’s up with your Handshake? & The Art of Business Seduction, and his brand new e-learning course, all of the concepts presented in the keynote will motivate, inspire and help tilt the scales towards your business goals.

    Subjects covered in this practical, invaluable and entertaining presentation include: 

    • How to influence others
    • Harnessing Social Media
    • The L-WAR. Listen, Watch, Anticipate & React
    • Networking 2.0 – the new ‘connection’ rules
    • How to plant the seed of an idea
    • The Jealousy effect
    • Reading other people
    • Techniquette—the etiquette of technology
    • Language – the power of words
    • How to alter the way others perceive you
    • The 3 Cs of Powerful Communication

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