Margie Warrell
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Margie Warrell

Margie Warrell is a bestselling author who emboldens people to make braver decisions, take more psychological risks, and pursue a bolder purpose in their leadership and life.
Global Thought Leader in Human Potential and Brave Leadership

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Margie Warrell is a bestselling author who is passionate about helping people unlock their purpose, conquer their fear and harness their unique potential to affect positive change in their work, leadership and life.

Margie draws on her background in business, psychology and coaching to develop better and braver leaders in organizations globally, from the UN Foundation to Salesforce. The titles of her bestselling books - Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe, Make Your Mark and Train the Brave - reflect her belief in the potential of every person to overcome the fears and false beliefs that keep them from achieving the extraordinary. Margie walks her talk when it comes to living bravely, having ventured out of her comfort zone countless times since growing up as one of seven children on a small dairy farm in rural Australia. After attempting kitesurfing with Richard Branson, she raised her sights yet again and recently climbed Mt Kilimanjaro with her husband and four teenage children.

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Brave Women Rising

Unleashing the Force of Feminine Leadership

For women who want to do more & be more but too often doubt they can.

Despite the compelling case to have more women seated at decision-making tables, too few still are. The reasons for the ‘leaky pipeline’ are many and the solutions complex, yet one thing is certain: empowering women to challenge gender norms and step into their power as change makers is not just the right thing to do, it’s commercially smart. Margie will draw on her PhD research and personal experiences of challenging gender norms to provide strategies to:

  • Align the three fundamentals of power to speak with impact, power and presence
  • Embrace authentic leadership to counter gender bias and double-binds
  • Identify your blind spots that fuel imposter syndrome and perpetuate self-doubt
  • Sponsors and mentors: diversifying your network to open crucial doors
  • Elevate the sisterhood: amplify the collective female voice

Make Your Mark

Dare to Make the Difference Your Difference Makes

Finding the courage to pursue the boldest vision for your life.

One of the key regrets of the dying is that they lived too safe and risked too little. In this inspiring keynote, Margie will draw on her diverse life experiences and hard won wisdom to inspire your audience to take action to live bigger, braver and more meaningful lives.

  • Power and presence: Align your language, focus and physiology to bring your best self to your biggest challenges
  • Three questions to discover your ‘Why’ and live on purpose
  • Quiet your inner critic and get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Upgrade your mental maps to get back ‘on course’
  • Forget perfect: How to get off your own back and begin anew

Culture of Courage

Harness the Full Force of Ingenuity And Collaboration to Make Change Stick

Build psychological safety to foster engagement, loyal disruption and bold thinking.

The greatest threat to organizational growth and change is the fear that stifles ingenuity, fuels risk aversion and drives highly capable people to make short-sighted decisions. Margie will share powerful research-backed frameworks to equip leaders with strategies for cultivating a ‘culture of courage’ that harnesses human capital, encourages the disruptive thinking needed to find opportunity amid change and uncertainty.

  • Counter the unconscious biases that derail most change initiatives
  • Build the ‘loyal disruption’ needed to challenge outdated paradigms that stifle innovation
  • Create unconscious inclusion that harnesses the full value of diversity
  • Foster the growth mindset to ‘fail forward’ and innovate faster

Brave Leadership

Rethink Risk, Embrace Discomfort & Lead From Possibility

How exceptional leaders harness the potential in themselves and others.

Empower your leaders with a deeper sense of purpose, passion, courage and confidence. Drawing on the latest research in leadership and neuroscience, plus interviews with some of the world’s most respected change makers, Margie will get to the heart of what undermines leadership effectiveness, sharing science-based strategies to:

  • Engage people around a compelling ‘Why’ that taps ingenuity and counters anxiety
  • Foster a ‘risk-ready’ growth mindset to thrive under pressure and fail forward faster
  • Identify blind spots that undermine effective decision making
  • Embrace vulnerability to engage in the crucial conversations too often avoided


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