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Mara Liasson

Keynote Speaker

Political Analyst, FOX News; National Political Correspondent, NPR

One of the most high-profile political journalists today, Mara Liasson provides expert analysis of the current state of affairs in Washington.

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Mara Liasson'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Mara Liasson Profile Photo

Mara Liasson stands as a beacon of journalistic integrity and insight, with a storied career as a national political correspondent for NPR and a contributor to FOX News. Her expertise spans the gamut of American politics, where she has been at the forefront of major political events and transformations. Liasson’s balanced reporting and keen analytical skills break down complex political narratives into understandable insights, making her a trusted voice for a wide audience seeking clarity in the often turbulent waters of political discourse.

With her finger on the pulse of Washington and beyond, Liasson goes beyond mere news reporting to provide deep analysis and context, helping audiences grasp the implications of political developments. Her presentations are characterized by an engaging blend of factual rigor and accessible commentary, offering a comprehensive view of the current political landscape and its implications for the future.

Mara Liasson’s Speech Topics

  • Politics and Elections

    When it comes to politics and elections, Mara Liasson is of the most trusted voices in political journalism. In her positions as Political Contributor for Fox News, National Political Correspondent for NPR and the host of several award-winning news magazines, Liasson wields the experience needed to provide audiences with a solid understanding of the issues. Serving as White House correspondent during the Clinton Administration and covering every presidential election from 1992 through the current one for NPR, Liasson delivers a candid perspective on how the media will impact the politics and policy issues facing the country today. She also shares her insights on how the coronavirus pandemic will reshape politics.

  • A Hundred Years of Women Voting- Reflections on the Centennial of the 19th Amendment

    Mara Liasson shares reflections on the Centennial of the 19th Amendment, and a hundred years of women voting. 


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