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Manu Raju

Senior Congressional Correspondent, CNN

CNN’s Manu Raju sheds light into what America’s elected representatives are thinking and saying behind closed doors during a time when individual voices and relationships on Capitol Hill have never had such an outsized impact on domestic and foreign policy outcomes as they do now.

Manu Raju Profile Photo

As a result of daily and direct access to some of the country’s most influential political leaders, CNN’s Manu Raju provides unique context into how Washington works, what drives the key power players on Capitol Hill, and how the sausage is made in Congress out of view of the cameras. Having secured a respected national reputation through a regular presence on television and digital platforms alike, Raju has emerged as one of the most connected reporters covering Washington today. By earning the trust of those on both sides of the aisle, he has broken major stories on the campaign trail, on classified investigations, and on the inner workings of the White House and Congress.

In these unprecedented times in which power dynamics in Washington have never been so unpredictable and difficult to categorize, Raju cuts through the clutter of partisan bickering to offer audiences clarity on what voices and ideas matters most inside the halls of American government.

Manu Raju’s Speech Topics

  • In Real Time: Behind the Scenes of Today’s Breaking News in Washington

    Few of those covering Washington have a closer viewpoint into the up-to-the-minute maneuverings of those shaping the national debate than CNN’s Manu Raju, a journalist who has cultivated sources whose decisions are directly impacting the future of this country.

    From the perspective of a reporter who is on the scene every day to report on developments with consequences that extend far outside the Beltway, Raju offers audiences candid and sober insight into how the collision of personality and politics in D.C. can impact the lives of millions. With first-hand stories that will illuminate and entertain, audiences will better understand what goes into generating the types of headlines that serve as the first draft of history.


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