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Lee Eisenberg

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Author; Former Editor-in-Chief of Esquire Magazine and Former Chief Creative and Marketing Officer at Lands' End and Chicos FAS, Inc.

Having opened our eyes to what money is and isn't good for, Lee Eisenberg's much-anticipated new work picks up where The Number left off. It goes right to heart of what makes for a satisfying and fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

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Lee Eisenberg Profile Photo

Poet Maya Angelou said that “making a living is not making a life.” But making a life, a life that’s satisfying and fulfilling over the long haul, doesn’t come with easy assembly instructions. Thankfully, however, there’s Lee Eisenberg’s The Point Is: Making Sense of Birth, Death, and Everything in Between. As the reviews attest, Eisenberg offers captivating insights into how we can derive satisfaction and purpose both at home and work.

Just as he never pretended to be a financial adviser, Eisenberg doesn’t present himself now as a philosopher or spiritual guru. He knows what he knows. And what he knows best is the powerful role that stories play in our lives, not least our own life stories. He explains how, from a young age, each of us is compelled to take memories of events and relationships and shape them into a one-of-a-kind personal narrative. It’s how we make sense of things, give shape to events and relationships that may otherwise feel disconnected as we move through the decades.

The Point Is isn’t about how to write a good life story. It’s about how we’ve already created that story, have been doing so for as long as we can remember. But is it a meaningful story? A happy enough story? A story that adds up?

This new presentation invites us all to think creatively and differently about a story we think we know as well as the back of our hand. Small wonder, then, that Kirkus Reviews calls The Point Is “affable…accessible…and thought provoking,” concluding that “Eisenberg’s self-­probing …will encourage anyone to further ponder the meaning of life.”

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  • The Point Is: Making Sense of Birth, Death and Everything in Between

    First, there was The Number, A Completely Different Way to Think About the Rest of Your Life. It wasn’t yet another how-to investment book so much as a groundbreaking look at our uneasy relationship with money in general, financial planning in particular. The Number started a national discussion about saving for the future and shaped how the financial industry marketed its products and services.

    In many ways, Eisenberg’s book—The Point Is: Making Sense of Birth, Death, and Everything in Between—picks up from where The Number left off. The Number focused on “how much?” The Point Is zeroes in on “what for?” In short, it addresses what it takes to find enduring meaning and purpose in life. To get at an answer to that timeless question, Eisenberg sifts entertainingly through his own pivotal memories, and presents striking research drawn from psychology and neuroscience. We also hear from men and women of all ages who are wrestling with the demands of work and family, ever in search of fulfillment and satisfaction.

    Who am I? Where am I going? What does it all add up to? The Point Is goes straight to the heart of how we explain ourselves to ourselves. And it all comes together in a fascinating tale, delightfully told both on the printed page and now onstage.

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