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Kevin Mandia

Keynote Speaker

Global Authority on Cyber Security Issues; CEO of Mandiant

An internationally recognized expert in the field of information security, Kevin Mandia helps audiences understand the cyber threats that could affect your business tomorrow—and what you can do about these issues today.

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Kevin Mandia'S SPEAKING FEE Over $70,000

Kevin Mandia Profile Photo

Kevin Mandia, CEO of FireEye and a recognized cybersecurity expert, stands at the forefront of defending against digital threats and enhancing global cyber resilience. His career, marked by the investigation of some of the most high-profile cyber incidents, positions him as a leading authority on cybersecurity strategy, threat intelligence, and incident response.

Mandia’s approach to cybersecurity is both pragmatic and engaging, focusing on real-world applications and the evolving landscape of cyber threats. In his talks, he shares cutting-edge insights into safeguarding digital assets, drawing from his extensive experience in dealing with state-sponsored and criminal cyber activities. Audiences gain a deep understanding of the mechanics behind cyber attacks, the importance of robust security frameworks, and strategies for building resilient organizations. Kevin Mandia’s guidance is invaluable for businesses navigating the complexities of the digital age, offering a clear-eyed perspective on how to anticipate, mitigate, and respond to cyber threats effectively.

Kevin Mandia’s Speech Topics

  • Staying Ahead in the World of Cyber Security

    The man behind the widely publicized—and startling—2013 report on the Chinese military making cyber incursions into top US companies and government entities, there are few leaders of Kevin Mandia’s experience that can help organizations understand the complexities behind threats that lurk in our vitally important online world. In this thoughtful presentation, Mandia discussed the latest cyber security issues dominating today’s headlines and what businesses can do to proactively protect themselves from these threats.


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