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Kelley O’Hara

Keynote Speaker

Defender, USWNT; Two-Time World Cup Champion; 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist

World Cup Champion Kelley O'Hara provides lessons in teamwork and leadership and shares how to face adversity with perseverance and positivity.

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Kelley O’Hara'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Kelley O’Hara Profile Photo

Kelley O’Hara, Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, brings an unparalleled level of determination, skill, and insight to every speaking engagement. Her journey from a young, ambitious athlete to a seasoned professional on the international stage embodies the essence of dedication, resilience, and teamwork.

“If you believe in something and you think about it enough and you manifest it in your mind, it has the potential to come through.”

Kelley O’Hara

Kelley’s presentations go beyond the typical sports narrative, offering a deep dive into the strategies for cultivating a winning mindset, overcoming adversity, and the importance of leadership both on and off the field. Her experiences in advocating for gender equality and athletes’ rights add a rich layer to her talks, resonating with a wide range of audiences. Kelley’s ability to connect her athletic achievements with broader life lessons and societal issues makes her a compelling speaker for corporate events, educational institutions, and community gatherings. Attendees can expect not just stories of athletic glory but also practical advice for achieving personal and professional excellence. Engaging Kelley O’Hara as a speaker guarantees an inspiring and thought-provoking experience that will leave a lasting impact.

Kelley O’Hara’s Speech Topics

  • A Conversation with Kelley O’Hara

    Kelley brings an authentic and real-life perspective on leadership, motivation, adversity, teamwork, success and perseverance, drawn from her journey from a small town in Georgia to Stanford University and her ultimate ascension as one of the best and most versatile players in the history of the USWNT. Kelley inspires audiences of all ages, groups and profession. Whether sharing stories of her successes or adversity she’s faced along the way, she engages audiences with an intellectual yet down to earth sensibility giving a glimpse of what it takes to be a professional athlete – a life on the road and in the headlines. Soccer has taken Kelley all over the world and she has had tremendous success at every level, culminating with World Cup Titles in 2019 and 2015 and an Olympic gold medal in 2012. She is a great personality to motivate teams at your next event.

  • The Social Athlete

    As the first generation of professional athletes with social media, Kelley provides insight into life in the limelight where her every move is recorded, tweeted, snapped, instagrammed and discussed. In this candid conversation, Kelley shares how she deals with trolls, bullying, and trying to maintain privacy in a very public world.


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