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Jeff Chen

Keynote Speaker

Cofounder/CEO, Radicle Science

Dr. Jeff Chen is a thought leader on the technology, policy, science, and business of the health and wellness industry.  

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Jeff Chen Profile Photo

Dr. Jeff Chen, MD, MBA is an impact entrepreneur, executive, physician, and scientist transforming the health and wellness industry. He is the founder of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, one of the world’s first such centers.  As Executive Director, he grew the UCLA program to dozens of faculty conducting research, education, and policy projects.  He is now the co-founder and CEO of Radicle Science, an AI-driven healthtech B-corp offering history’s first easy path for non-pharmaceuticals to prove their true effects beyond placebo.  Radicle Science was named by KPMG as one of the Top Ten US “Tech Innovators” of 2022.  Dr. Jeff was named a Finalist for the 2022 “CEO of the Year” by the San Diego Business Journal.

Dr. Jeff has been interviewed by outlets including CNNForbes, Wall Street Journal, TIMENPR, Entrepreneur, Rolling Stone, NBC News, Financial Times, WebMD, Politico, Business Insider, LA Times, SF Gate, VICE, Vogue and more for his expertise.  He appears on TV shows including “The Doctors,” NBC News, CBS Sunday, and has appeared in fireside chats with influencers ranging from Ryan Tedder and Lake Bell, to Jonathan Van Ness and Matt Barnes.  He is a Medical Editor at Healthline, and his writings have been published by outlets like TED.  He has presented domestically for the National Academies of Science, American Bar Association, California Medical Association, California Senator Feinstein, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, Yale School of Management, Columbia University, Cornell University, Young President’s Organization (YPO), South by Southwest (SXSW), Burning Man Speaker Series, and Soho House. Internationally, he has advised the Mexico Senate and the Royal Court of the Kingdom of Bhutan.

He is a David Geffen Fellow, was named a “Global Shaper” by the World Economic Forum, sits on the Forbes Business Council, is a member of the Rolling Stone Culture Council, and is part of the Newsweek Expert Forum.  Following a BS at Cornell, Dr. Jeff earned his MD and MBA concurrently at UCLA.  

Jeff Chen’s Speech Topics

  • The Science and Practice of Longevity

    Dr. Chen draws upon his medical and research background to discuss the scientific principles behind longevity, and which medications, supplements and lifestyle modifications have the most potential to increase longevity including:

    • NAD+ boosters such as Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN)
    • Resveratrol
    • Spermidine
    • Fasting
    • -Cold & heat exposure
    • High-intensity training 
    • Prescription medications like metformin

  • Future of Clinical Trials

    Dr. Chen draws upon his experience cofounding and leading Radicle Science, a healthcare technology company disrupting the clinical trial landscape and named by KPMG as one of the top 10 US “Tech Innovators” of 2022, to discuss the forces driving transformation of clinical trials, including:

    • Crowdsourcing 
    • Decentralization and virtualization
    • Diverse and representative study participants 
    • Direct-to-consumer studies 
    • Real world data (RWD) and real world evidence (RWE)
    • Wearable sensors & digital biomarkers
    • Applying digital marketing principles to trial recruitment

  • Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

    Dr. Chen draws upon his experience creating and leading the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative (one of the world’s first university cannabis programs) to discuss topics including:

    • Comparing cannabis to cannabinoids 
    • Therapeutic potential of THC & CBD
    • Adverse effects of THC & CBD
    • Cannabinoid dosing
    • Strengths & weaknesses of different routes of administration and form factors 
    • Effects of rare cannabinoids (eg CBN, CBC, CBG, THCV)
    • Cannabis “strains”: fact vs fiction 
    • Cannabinoid drug development


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