Jason Schenker
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Jason Schenker

Jason Schenker is ranked one of the most accurate financial forecasters and futurists in the world. He shares his forecasts with business leaders and policy makers around the world.
President and Chief Economist of Prestige Economics; Chairman, The Futurist Institute; Executive Director, Texas Blockchain Association

Expertise In:

  • Futurism
  • U.S. Fiscal Policy
  • Business Growth and Trends
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Financial Markets

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Corporations
  • The Finance Industry
  • The Manufacturing Industry

Jason Schenker is ranked one of the most accurate financial forecasters and futurists in the world. He shares his forecasts with business leaders and policy makers around the world.

Bloomberg News has ranked Jason Schenker #1 in the world for his forecast accuracy in 25 categories, including for his forecasts of the Euro, the British Pound, the Swiss Franc, the Russian Ruble, the Chinese RMB, crude oil prices, natural gas prices, gold prices, industrial metals prices, agricultural commodity prices, and U.S. non-farm payrolls. Schenker advises executives, industry groups, institutional investors, and central banks. He also attends OPEC and Fed events, and he has given keynotes for public companies, industry groups, and the US Federal Reserve. Schenker has even given talks at SXSW and advised NATO and the U.S. government on the economy, financial market outlook, the future of work, blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, quantum computing, data analysis, forecasting, and fake news. 

Schenker is a columnist for Bloomberg Opinion and he been a guest host of Bloomberg Television. He has written 17 books, six of which have been #1 Best Sellers, including: Jobs for Robots, Quantum: Computing Nouveau, Commodity Prices 101, Recession-Proof, Electing Recession, and The Robot and Automation Almanac. Schenker also wrote the books The Promise of Blockchain, Midterm Economics, The Future of Energy, Futureproof Supply Chain, The Fog of Data, Robot-Proof Yourself, Financial Risk Management Fundamentals, Be the Shredder, Not the Shred, and Spikes: Growth Hacking Leadership. His forthcoming books include and The Future of Finance is Now, The Future of Agriculture, The Future of Healthcare, Reading the Economic Tea Leaves, and his non-partisan book on the 2020 presidential election The Dumpster Fire Election: Realistic Dystopian Expectations for the 2020 Presidential Election

Schenker incorporates long-term futurist trends into his discussions of the economy and financial markets. He has also created training courses for The Futurist Institute on the Future of Work, the Future of Transportation, the Future of Data, the Future of Finance, Futurist Fundamentals, the Future of Energy, the Future of Leadership, the Future of Healthcare, and the Future of Quantum Computing. Schenker is also an instructor for LinkedIn Learning, for which he has recorded courses on Audit and Due Diligence Foundations, Finance Foundations: Risk Management, Recession-Proof Strategies, and an Economic Indicators Weekly Series. Previously, Schenker worked for McKinsey as a Risk Specialist, where he was responsible for directing industrial, energy, and agricultural trading and risk initiatives on six continents. Schenker also worked for Wachovia as the Chief Energy and Commodity Economist, where he initiated coverage on commodity markets and wrote on domestic and international economic topics, as well as foreign exchange. 

In addition to holding three masters degrees and numerous professional designations, he is a Certified Futurist and Long-Term Analyst as well as a Board Governance Fellow of the National Association of Corporate Directors.

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Our Disruptive Future Economy

How will the future of the economy, markets, and technology impact your working, personal, and investing lives? This presentation provides answers. This presentation includes a mix of short-term economic and financial market dynamics (like Fed policy, the dollar, interest rates and equity markets). Plus, this presentation includes a discussion of longer-term technological factors that present disruptive risks. This presentation helps executives and senior leaders plan for financial market volatility in the immediate term, whether from central bank and Fed policy, fiscal and tax policy, energy prices, equity markets, mortgage and interest rates, or digital currencies. This presentation is ideal for helping attendees develop a vision for the risks and opportunities from markets -- and technology. This presentation includes a discussion of topics from Jason Schenker's best-selling book Jobs for Robots, as well as from his most recent books, Robot-Proof Yourself and The Robot and Automation Almanac - 2018. Some topics include self-driving vehicles, IoT, Bitcoin, robots, automation, the future of work, and the future of the economy. This presentation can be customized to address the risks and opportunities in specific industries, regions, financial markets, and professions. Economic and financial market expectations across a three to five year time horizon can also be added to this presentation. Jason is the Chairman of The Futurist Institute.

Robot-Proof Yourself

Robots are coming for your job. Are you ready? This presentation includes strategies from Jason Schenker's best-selling book, Jobs for Robots. The goal of this presentation is for the attendees to gain insights - and confidence - in how they can tackle the scary challenges ahead. This presentation focuses on changes in the labor market, risks to specific industries, and the most important long-term factors that will be important for any industry and working professional. There are massive risks, but the upside potential will also be great in the future. This time is never different, and this discussion shows why. Topics from his book Robot-Proof Yourself and The Robot and Automation Almanac - 2018 will also be covered in the presentation. Jason Schenker is the Chairman of The Futurist Institute, which produces a quarterly Robotics Activity Index. He is a Certified Futurist and Long-Term Analyst.

The Economics of Elections

2018 is an election year. What does it mean for the economy? In this presentation, Jason Schenker, one of the top economic and financial forecasters in the world, shares his nonpartisan analysis on the importance of Presidential and Congressional elections for financial markets and the economy. This presentation also includes integrated forecasts of major global economies, with a particular focus on the United States. There is also significant discussion of current and near-term Fed and foreign central bank policies, interest rates, foreign exchange rates, the dollar, oil prices and precious metals prices. Hear market expectations and near-term forecasts from one of the most accurate forecasters in the world, according to Bloomberg News. The presentation will also discuss long-term trends and threats that will become increasingly important for future presidents. This presentation includes topics covered in Schenker’s best-selling book Electing Recession, and his recent book, The Economics of Elections. Audiences will learn about: Current economic and financial market conditions and forecasts from one of the top-ranked, most accurate forecasters in the world how political control impacts financial markets and the economy Increasingly important long-term risks and challenges