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James Comey
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James Comey

Demonstrating ethical leadership and a clear voice amidst the chaos of an unprecedented political environment.

Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation (2013–2017)

Expertise In:

  • Courage
  • Leadership
  • National Security
  • U.S. Current Events
  • Patriotism

Audience & Industry

  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Senior Management Groups
  • The Professional Services Industry
  • Corporations
  • Lecture Series

After leading the FBI through unprecedented times, former Director James Comey shares how his moral compass guided his decision-making and issues a clarion call for ethical leadership—no matter the circumstance.

James Comey’s mettle has been tested throughout a career committed first and foremost to serving his country. During his time at the Department of Justice, Comey confronted new threats against Americans at home and abroad, prosecuting terrorists and helping to shape the debates on the collection of information and the detention of enemy combatants in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. As head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he oversaw the federal response to mass murders in San Bernardino and Orlando, which signaled a new phase in the country’s confrontation of domestic terrorism. And in the heat of one of the most closely contested presidential elections in history, Comey made a call that he would defend before Congress as one that prioritized the interests of the country he swore to serve above all else.

When domestic and international forces sought to discredit the values that Americans treasure most, Comey was determined to lead in a way that reflected—and protected—the best of who we are as a nation. In sharing how he confronted the attempts to challenge what we hold dear, Comey will help audiences navigate ethical dilemmas when the road ahead has yet to be charted.

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The Ethical Leader

Throughout his decades-long career in public service, James Comey has been committed to doing the right thing—at the expense of partisan politics, popular opinion, and even personal friendships. His book, A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, explores what good, ethical leadership looks like and how it drives sound decisions. He sheds light upon the thinking behind his own decisions and argues that leaders should be laser-focused on a core set of principles, chief among them truth, transparency, and decency. Comey offers executives—and the people who work for them—a road map for ethical leadership even in the most challenging and uncertain of circumstances.