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Jack Nicklaus
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Jack Nicklaus

Golden lessons for success and living up to your full potential in work, life, and sport.
Legendary Professional Golfer

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A beloved sports figure, world-class athlete, global ambassador, and tireless philanthropist, Jack Nicklaus transcends the game of golf to inspire audiences to chase their greatness.

Jack Nicklaus knows what it takes to be a champion—in golf and in life.

From the moment he stepped foot on a course at age 10 with his father, Nicklaus showed an early mastery of the sport of golf. He had the raw talent to compete, but it was his skills, mindset, and strength of character that allowed him to make a career for himself out of the game.

As Nicklaus rose through the ranks of golf’s most formidable players – from his first U.S. Amateur championship at age 19 to making history with his sixth Masters title at age 46 – his story is one that is centered on persistence, preparation, mental toughness, and commitment to true sportsmanship. His unique ability to promote camaraderie among rivals, in what is a fiercely competitive sport, served as a catapult for his monumental success.

After completing a celebrated five decades on the professional scene—in which he won a record 18 professional major championships over a 25-year span— Nicklaus applies the same champion’s mentality to his efforts as a family man, businessman, and ambassador of good will. Giving back is truly at his core.

For his commitment to philanthropy and outstanding achievement in sports, Nicklaus has garnered numerous accolades, including Sports Illustrated's Individual Male Athlete of the 20th Century, as well as the magazine’s Muhammad Ali Legacy award. He’s also one of only four individuals in history – and first athlete or sportsperson – to be presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Congressional Gold Medal, and the Lincoln Medal.

When Nicklaus shares his storied journey, he speaks off the cuff and from the heart. His enthralling tales about life and family on – and off – the links offer a rare and unforgettable glimpse at real life with one of the most legendary figures in golf and sports.

Featured Experiences

Golden Lessons in Golf and Life

When you ask Jack Nicklaus to share his life’s lessons, he most certainly recounts indelible moments from his decades-long adventure as a professional golfer. But weaved inside his tales of competitive sport are messages that resonate deep with athletes, business leaders, and mission-driven organizations alike.

From visualizing the next great golf course out of an overgrown field to balancing victory and defeat with the pressure to perform, Nicklaus learned in his time on the green what it means to chase your own potential.

In his journey to greatness, Nicklaus knew he couldn’t go it alone – he relied on his family, and their love and support, as inspiration for his great success. After nearly 60 years of marriage to his wife, Barbara, and having raised five children and 22 grandchildren, Nicklaus proves you can still do what you love when you put the people you love first.

On stage, Nicklaus make a powerful case for his core fundamentals of success – preparation, discipline, and graciousness – all the while lighting up the room with his nostalgic and humble view of dreams come true.

Philosophy of Philanthropy

Most men work their entire life to retire to play golf. Jack Nicklaus played golf his entire life to retire to work – good work.

In the Golden Bear’s golden years, he and wife Barbara have dedicated their time to helping children and families get access to world-class pediatric healthcare. In 2004, they founded the Nicklaus Children's Health Care Foundation to support this effort. Collaborating with pediatric hospitals across the U.S., their Foundation has gained momentum, and grown into a thriving charity capable of making a real difference for children on a massive scale.

It is their passion and commitment to children that led globally renowned Miami Children’s Hospital to change its name to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, and in 2017 to rebrand their entire Miami Children’s Health System to Nicklaus Children’s. The system includes 14 outpatient centers spread throughout Florida.

Nicklaus speaks passionately about his family’s charitable efforts, and how they were able to evolve from a life focused on the fundamentals of competitive sport to one driven by a philosophy of philanthropy.  

A Conversation with Jack Nicklaus