Ernesto Zedillo Profile Photo

Ernesto Zedillo

Keynote Speaker

President of Mexico (1994-2000)

Global strategist and respected leader throughout the world, Ernesto Zedillo is an expert in globalization and emerging markets in Central and South America.

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Ernesto Zedillo Profile Photo

Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico and a distinguished economist, brings a global perspective on economics, governance, and international relations. His tenure as president saw pivotal reforms that modernized Mexico’s economic and political landscape, showcasing his deep understanding of policy, diplomacy, and sustainable development. Zedillo’s post-presidential career, marked by leadership roles in international commissions and think tanks, has further solidified his expertise in global affairs, particularly in emerging markets, trade policies, and climate change.

Zedillo’s engagements offer a blend of high-level policy analysis and practical insights, drawn from his experiences navigating complex global challenges. His ability to articulate a vision for a more interconnected and equitable world, coupled with his firsthand experiences in implementing significant reforms, provides audiences with a rich understanding of the intricacies of global leadership and economic policy. Ernesto Zedillo opens a window to the strategic thinking required to foster global cooperation and drive sustainable development in an increasingly complex world.

Ernesto Zedillo’s Speech Topics

  • Globalization and Emerging Markets

  • The U.S. and The Americas: An Overview

  • Economic Leadership


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