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Erin Gruwell

Keynote Speaker

Educator and Founder, Freedom Writers Foundation

Erin Gruwell has earned an award-winning reputation for her steadfast commitment to the future of education. Her ability to relate her experiences to a wide range of audiences has made her a popular speaker. She inspires audiences to achieve a higher purpose in their lives.

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Erin Gruwell Profile Photo

Erin Gruwell is an inspirational educator and catalyst for social change, renowned for her groundbreaking work with the Freedom Writers. Her approach, which transformed a group of undervalued students into empowered authors, underscores the power of storytelling, empathy, and education to foster healing and growth. Gruwell’s story, immortalized in the Freedom Writers Diary and the film adaptation, showcases her innovative teaching methods that encourage inclusivity, self-expression, and resilience.

When Erin speaks, she brings the classroom to the audience, sharing poignant narratives of hope, struggle, and triumph. Her sessions are interactive and deeply moving, designed to ignite a passion for change and a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion. Be it in the classroom, or otherwise, Erin’s powerful message of hope and possibility is sure to resonate with any audience, whom she encourages “to stand up, speak up and speak out.”

Erin Gruwell’s Speech Topics

  • Nurturing the Leader Within

    Filled with anecdotes from teachers across the country, Gruwell’s presentation proves that the methodology she has developed is not location-specific, but can be implemented in all types of schools and communities. In “Nurturing the Leader Within,” Erin explores her personal journey and her students’ transformations from disgruntled high school students to leaders and activists, illustrating that everyone has the power to embrace change and become a leader in their own community.

  • Achieving the Impossible: Become a Catalyst for Change

    Erin Gruwell found herself the teacher for a troubled group of students who had been dubbed “unteachable.” The tale of how this first-year teacher encouraged these wayward inner city kids to redirect their lives, forego rampant drugs and the violence that pervaded their neighborhoods is the story recounted in the best-selling The Freedom Writers Diary. From the stark reality of one seemingly innocuous event in the classroom, she sparked a chord in the students that led the class to name themselves the “Freedom Writers.” Over the course of a few months, Gruwell empowered the class to re-chart their future and go on to become college students, published writers and citizens for change.In a powerful presentation that leaves audiences cheering, Gruwell parlays her story into ways the audience can improve their performance and productivity by asking “what can I do to make a difference?” Gruwell speaks to the authenticity and stamina needed to fuel change. An emotional connection with your work and life goals is a powerful force that can produce an unstoppable vision against all odds. Gruwell speaks from her heart, customizing every speech to her audience and shares:How even little events can fuel transformational changeHow to develop an environment of trust and communicationWays that individuals can become catalysts for change in their own livesHow to harness your own personal power and determination to accomplish success that others may not think is possible

What other organizations say about Erin Gruwell

Erin Gruwell absolutely brought the house down. The feedback was universally positive, starting with a standing ovation after the introduction of her and followed by a standing ovation at the conclusion of her remarks. I’d say it was a success.

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