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Elliott Masie

Learning and Big Data Innovator

Elliott Masie is on the forefront of changing the world of learning, one of the leading analysts and researchers on the emerging world of Big Data. His work has evolved workplace learning—from the introduction of the term e-Learning to personalizing the learning experiences of new employees and senior leaders.

Elliott Masie Profile Photo

Elliott Masie is a global leader in the fields of learning, training, education and leveraging technology for performance. He is the author of Big Learning Data (published by ASTD), Learning: Rants, Raves & Reflections; Learning Strategies and monthly columns in Chief Learning Officer magazine and the weekly Learning TRENDS read by 50,000 executives around the world.  In addition, he is a leading analyst of the world of Big Data. Elliott runs a Learning LAB on behalf of 230 Fortune 1000 companies, experimenting with how we are evolving our learning approaches including Stories on Video Clips, Just in Time Learning, Social Collaboration, 3D Printing, Leveraging Big Data and Personalizing the Learning experience. Elliott has spoken to over 2,300,000 professionals worldwide, bringing a sense of humor and possibility to applying new technologies and new models of learning to our changing world. His experience includes appointment to a White House Task Force, serving on the boards of visitors for the CIA University and trustee of Skidmore College. Elliott serves on the Board of FIRST Robotics, extending robotics competition to high school students around the world—as another dimension of learning changes.

Elliott Masie’s Speech Topics

  • Learning Changes, Learning Revolution!

    People and organizations are changing how they learn. We are leveraging technology, social connection, mobile devices, deeper curiosity, video stories and connections, open and massive knowledge models and a desire to accelerate our learning experiences! Learning changes are shifting how corporations, schools, colleges, associations, religions and even political campaigns are sharing knowledge. Learners are expecting a rich set of learning options, personalized to their needs, socially connected and available on any device in any setting. Elliott Masie will explore these key Learning Changes in a highly interactive presentation:

    • Learning Changes & Revolution
    • Learning Innovations: Open & Massive Knowledge – Video on Demand 
    • Learning Together: Social and Collaboration on a Global Basis
    • Learning Everywhere: From TV on Sunday Night to On-Demand Mobile Segments
    • Personalization: I Want to Learn My Way!
    • Big Learning Data!
    • Learning for Rapidly Changing Jobs & Marketplaces
    • Storytelling Drives Change!
    • The Changing Role of Teachers & Experts
  • “Big” Data: Making Sense of Our Connected World

    Big Data is becoming a Big Opportunity, Big Challenge and Big Learning curve for both organizations and individuals   Every visit to a website, every visit to a store and every business and personal transaction creates data.  Increasingly, organizations and governments are discovering how to capture, consider, analyze, compare and leverage “Big Data”.

    OK, so how do organizations and leaders make sense of all this rapidly expanding “Big Data.” The challenges focus on Vast Data (dealing with a mind boggling amount of data); Speed of Data (how rapidly can we gather and leverage data); Truth of Data (it is interesting but is it true, real or trustable) and Strange Mix of Data (blending data from different and unrelated sources). “Big Data” will be deployed by organizations making marketing, human resource, educational, financial and strategic decisions.

    Elliott Masie will explore these topics in a highly interactive, visually rich and humor filled presentation:

    • Big Data – What Do We Know About You?
    • Big Data – Making Sense of Random Bits of Truth?
    • Big Data and Small Data – Is it True for Me?
    • Big Data – Security, Ethics and Mental Models
    • Big Data – Silly Data
    • Big Data – Futures and Alternatives
  • Tech Trends & Shifts: A Futures Perspective

    Elliott Masie will present a fast paced view of changing Technology Trends and Shifts that are effecting organizations, education, business, lifestyle and choices. For each speech, the organizers can select the key Technology Trends and Shifts to be the core of the speech. Or, the audience can be engaged in real-time voting of the topics to be addressed. Elliott Masie, with over 40 years experience as a technology researcher, futurist and author will rapidly explore and explain each Tech Trend and Shift – with working examples of near term futures. Here is a checklist (to be updated) of Tech Trends and Shifts:

    • Mobile Devices: The Intense World of Connected People
    • Maker Reality: From 3D Printing to Build Your Own
    • Personalization: The Age of Personalizing Content, Context and Communication
    • Open Learning: Fingertip Access to Expertise Everywhere
    • Using Games to Fail Forward: Simulating the Way to Success
    • Connected Organizations: Workforce Everywhere – Teleworking, Global and Connected
    • Bring in the Clouds – From PC’s to Networks to Shared Clouds
    • Big and Small Data – Making Sense of Patterns
    • The Marketplace of Knowledge and Ratings – Field Sourcing Expertise
    • Nano Technology – Making the Tiny Powerful and Targeted
    • Me and the World of Technology – Your Tech Choices and Decisions

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