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Doro Bush Koch
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Doro Bush Koch

The daughter of former President George H.W. Bush provides a touching, genuine look at her very public father, the values he lives by and the Bush family tradition of "giving back."

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The daughter of former President George H.W. Bush provides a touching, genuine look at her very public father, the values he lives by and the Bush family tradition of "giving back."

Imagine being the only woman in history to have both a father and a brother as president of the United States of America.  Imagine having to balance a very public life with your own private life which included raising four children, working on several presidential campaigns (in your immediate family!), non-profit organizations and running a business. Doro handled it all with grace and with resilience.  How did she do it?  She turned to mindfulness.   

Staying present and grounded has made such an impact on Doro’s life that she has spent the last two decades focused on sharing this powerful message with the world. Her kindness gives her a special ability to connect individuals.  She has used this gift as a New York Times best selling author, connecting her readers to her father’s life in “My Father, My President: A Personal Account of the Life of George H.W. Bush.”

Featured Experiences

The Art of Giving Back

Leaders are first and foremost givers, sharing time, resources and vision as they inspire others to action. And Doro Bush Koch should know: for her family, "giving back" is more than an obligation—it's a part of their daily lives. Her family's tradition of volunteerism informed Bush Koch's own philanthropic endeavors. She established the Maryland Family Literacy Initiative, as well as other national and local charities. Long before her father became the 41st president, he instilled in Bush Koch the message that serving others is not limited to holding office or working with charitable causes. It is also about small, everyday gestures, the little things you do that make a difference to someone else. Through inspirational stories and moving anecdotes, Bush Koch illustrates how everyone has the ability to make an impact within their organization or community.

A Conversation with Doro Bush Koch

Most of the U.S. saw President George H. W. Bush as a statesman and leader, someone perpetually on the world stage. But, as the daughter of the 41st president of the U.S., Doro Bush Koch was close to the man the cameras and reporters never saw: a father, a man possessed of a strong personal convictions, yet whose humility runs deep. In a unique presentation based on her best selling book My Father, My President, Koch engages the audience in a highly personal and candid conversation about the George H.W. Bush that few people saw. Opening herself up to questions, Koch—at once charming and disarming—draws back the political curtains to reveal her father in anecdotes that show his leadership style, his endless sense of fun and humor, and his ability to connect emotionally with those around him. Audiences discover what many of the world leaders, politicians and journalists Koch interviewed for her book already knew: that George H. W. Bush was a savvy politician and effective leader while remaining humble, kind and generous.

My Father, My President: George H.W. Bush's Values of Leadership

“A daughter,” Doro Bush Koch writes in her New York Times best-selling book My Father, The President, “may not have either the expertise or objectivity of a historian...but a historian doesn’t know a father the way his daughter does.” In this highly singular, personal perspective of her presidential father, George Herbert Walker Bush, Bush Koch speaks about his leadership qualities that contributed to his success in the political arena: his enduring ability to lead during times of strife, the humility and modesty that drew loyalty from people of all walks of life (including world leaders and former political foes) and the optimism that fueled his perspective on his country and the people in it. With humorous and moving anecdotes, Bush Koch pulls back the curtain on a richly layered life guided by family, faith and friendship.