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Deborah Norville

Anchor, Inside Edition

A veteran news anchor, Deborah Norville speaks with candor and humor about handling life's curves, juggling career and motherhood and the rough road to your dreams.

Deborah Norville Profile Photo

Deborah Norville'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Deborah Norville’s meteoric rise from regional reporter to co-host of Today was the stuff of legend. The subsequent challenges she faced—played out in a media fishbowl—have made her one of the most admired women in journalism and a true inspiration. Norville shares the challenging journey that brought her back from depression and uses her own struggle to help audiences face their challenges and gain strength and wisdom from lessons of the past. Currently the anchor of the nation’s top-rated syndicated news magazine, Inside Edition, Norville covers the most complex and challenging issues of the day. Since joining Inside Edition in 1995, she has led the show to higher ratings and to a position of strength and respect. A two-time Emmy award-winner, Norville joined Inside Edition from CBS News. She is author of the best seller Back on Track, two highly-acclaimed children’s books and her latest book is called The Power of Respect: How You Can Benefit from the Most Forgotten Element of Success (Oct. 2009).

Deborah Norville’s Speech Topics

  • Thank You Power

    Thank You Power is the extraordinary force that comes simply from acknowledging the “good things” in life. Beginning with the regular practice of counting one's blessings and feeling thankful for them, one can become healthier, happier, smarter, more resilient and even able to undo the negative effects of stress.

    Nationally known journalist Deborah Norville brings her reporting skills to bear in her presentation “Thank You Power” to highlight the exciting research proving the life improvements that can stem from the practice of gratitude.

    In “Thank You Power,” you will learn:

    • How to Harness Thank You Power 
    • How Thank You Power improves thinking 
    • How Thank You Power eases stress 
    • How Thank You Power increases resilience 
    • How Thank You Power makes one happier

    Deborah Norville presents an eye-opening talk showing how one can improve both their cognitive skills and energy level through what she calls “Thank You Power.” The results are based on peer-reviewed research.

  • Back On Track: How to Keep Your Life Together When it Seems Like Everything (and Everyone) is Trying to Pull You Apart

    In a refreshing, lighthearted talk Deborah Norville looks at the challenges we face today in daily life and offers first hand tips on coping with the many responsibilities we have as well as refocusing ones life when it seems one has lost direction.

  • The Power of Respect: Benefit from the Most Forgotten Element of Success

    Respect can make a meaningful and measurable difference in business, relationships, education, and self confidence. In this keynote presentation, Inside Edition's Deborah Norville describes the root of many of society's ills—a lack of respect—and shares how both giving and receiving respect can impact the following three core areas of an individual's life:

    In Business: Employees work longer and harder and are more creative when there is a respectful work environment. Even more stunning are statistics that prove workers who have been respected are less likely to quit and tend not to sue—even when they are fired.

    In Education: Norville discusses how respect in schools can help school systems find additional teaching days, simply because time is not spent writing up discipline reports and sending kids to the Principal's office. More impressively, test scores go up. Norville references one institution that was so chaotic it was put on lock down because of a riot in the parking lot; in just three years, the “Power of Respect” made that same school a place kids were sad to leave.

    In Relationships: Norville underscores how something as basic as common respect keeps marriages together and can help repair relationships that are broken. She emphasizes that in everyday interactions the “Power of Respect” is potent.

  • The World Today

    From the eyes of a journalist, Deborah Norville offers a front-row seat to events-making news-whether it is the war in Afghanistan, the oil spill in the Gulf or the latest celebrity scandal-making sense of the event and providing an insider's perspective on what is behind the headlines.

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One word described the evening, “amazing.” Deborah Norville was truly amazing. She was so great at connecting her speech and her faith with our school and theme that she touched the audience with every word spoken.

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