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Greg Gadson

Keynote Speaker

Soldier, Teammate and Leader

Col. Greg Gadson, USA (Ret.) communicates his passion for service, teamwork and leadership in his moving and inspirational message made relevant for individuals, teams and organizations of all sizes.

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Greg Gadson Profile Photo

Col. Greg Gadson applies the poignant lessons of pride, poise and team that he learned as a West Point football player to every aspect of his life. He credits those same lessons as the underlying principles that saved his life. Serving as a battalion commander in Iraq, he was severely wounded by a roadside bomb, resulting in the amputation of both legs above the knee and extensive damage to his right hand and arm. Committed to serving to the nation, Greg focused on recovery and continued his career as an Army officer, where he significantly impacted policy and implementation of wounded warrior care and management, in addition to serving as the commander for one of the most diverse and complex military installations in the Department of Defense. Greg captures his audience with the gripping story of how “my team saved my life” and shares his most personal emotional and physical challenges as wounded warrior, soldier, teammate and leader. An experienced leader from the football field to the battlefield, and as an adult living with physical challenges, he speaks with authority about overcoming adversity and leading people to do their very best. Greg has shared his keen insights and experiences with a number of successful sports organizations, including the 2009 Big 12 Champion University of Texas Longhorns and the gold-medal-winning 2012 men’s Olympic basketball team.

Greg Gadson’s Speech Topics

  • Overcoming Adversity: Prevailing Through Challenges!

    Overcoming adversity implies we have come through some difficulties and everything turned out okay. We are looking at adversity as a negative. However, prevailing through the challenge means we look at the adversity as a positive. A purposeful challenge meant for us to learn and grow from, not just overcome, but to prevail—coming out better than we were before. Greg Gadson shares how his challenges have led him to the unexpected: winning two Super Bowl rings, acting in a movie and just taking on life’s challenges.

  • Importance of Diversity and Inclusion

    As the son of parents raised in the segregated South, Greg Gadson understands and appreciates the importance of diversity and inclusion on multiple levels. His unique perspectives on the challenges based on race and disability can add significant value to an organization seeking to improve their diversity.

  • My Team Saved My Life

    A real-life account of how Greg Gadson helped build an organization from scratch, and through his personal leadership style, inspired the soldiers that ultimately saved his life.

  • Establishing a Winning Culture: Pride, Poise, Team

    How the lessons of an athlete translate to life lessons in the service and in organizations of all sizes and missions. Greg Gadson illustrates the importance of developing and maintaining a culture of excellence through an ethos of personal accountable, fostering consistent organizational habits and working as a team to achieve great results.


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