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Claire McCaskill
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Claire McCaskill

U.S. Senator (2007-2018)

Expertise In:

  • Communication
  • Election Forecast and Analysis
  • Leadership
  • National Security
  • Social Media

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Corporations
  • Lecture Series
  • Senior Management Groups

Claire McCaskill is a former US Senator from Missouri and a current NBC and MSNBC political analyst. During her two terms in the Senate, McCaskill earned a reputation as a plain-spoken, no-nonsense moderate, unafraid of unscripted conversations with the press, and with a penchant for communicating directly with her constituents through Twitter and town halls. McCaskill - the only woman ever elected to the Senate from Missouri - consistently crossed the aisle to cut bipartisan deals, and was frequently ranked by experts as one of the most independent Senators.

She remains the only person in Missouri history to unseat a sitting Governor in a primary campaign.  A former prosecutor and State Auditor, McCaskill established a long track record of rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse of power in government. When she left the Senate earlier this year, McCaskill was the top-ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee, and a senior member of the Armed Services Committee. McCaskill lives in St. Louis with her husband, and is a grandmother of 12.