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Cherie Blair

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CBFW Founder, Philanthropist, Chancellor of Asian University for Women, Best-Selling Author

As the child of a famous actor and then the wife of the Prime Minister, Cherie Blair was often written about because of the men in her life. But, she has always had plenty to say in her own right as an international lawyer, women’s’ rights advocate, author and mother of four.

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Cherie Blair Profile Photo

From humble beginnings in a single parent home in Liverpool, England, Cherie Blair rose to become one of the foremost lawyers in the UK. She experienced for herself the widening opportunities and many pitfalls that challenged working women in the latter part of the 20th century. The first spouse of a Prime Minister to hold down a full time high powered legal career, she was a front row observer of world affairs during Tony Blair’s ten years in Downing Street whilst bringing up three teenage children and a new baby in that most public of places. 

She continues to practice as an international lawyer as Chair of Omnia Strategy LLP. The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women was established in 2008, sparked by Cherie’s passion for building the financial independence of women in low and middle income countries. Since then the Foundation has had a significant and measurable impact on the lives of more than 140,000 women from across 105 countries.

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