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Brian Forde

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Leading Expert on Bitcoin and Blockchain; CEO and co-founder of Numero and Former Senior Advisor for Mobile and Data Innovation, The White House

From Iraq to the White House, Brian Forde has helped to educate heads of state, Fortune 500 CEOs and thousands of others as they race to get up to speed on bitcoin and the blockchain before this new technology disrupts their organizations.

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Brian Forde'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

Brian Forde Profile Photo

Featured on the cover of The Economist, bitcoin and the blockchain have taken the world by storm, and today more than $1 billion has been invested in startups harnessing this nascent technology. Despite this, bitcoin is still widely misunderstood. 

Named one of the “Most Influential People in Bitcoin and Blockchain” and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Brian Forde breaks down this complex technology into simple, universally understandable explanations to help audiences quickly grasp one of the most important emerging technologies for the next 10 years.

As the co-founder of the world’s largest academic research initiative on cryptocurrencies at the historic MIT Media Lab, Brian draws upon his experience as both a former senior advisor at the White House and top technology entrepreneur to provide crucial insights and real-life examples of how bitcoin and the blockchain will rapidly impact companies, consumers and governments.

Brian Forde’s Speech Topics

  • Bitcoin 101: An Introduction to Bitcoin, the Blockchain, and the Future of Transactions

    The future of finance, government, insurance, media and entertainment, travel, healthcare, education, the sharing economy and many more sectors will each be impacted by cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, yet this technology remains highly misunderstood. In his signature talk on bitcoin, Brian Forde educates audiences on how bitcoin works, dispels popular misnomers and provides real-life examples about how it’s being used throughout the world. He’ll also provide insights on the strengths and weaknesses of this technology to prepare leaders for experimenting with bitcoin in their organizations.

What other organizations say about Brian Forde

If you are at all interested or have a stake in the disruptions that technology is causing in every sector of modern society, you would do well to have Brian Forde help explain who wins, who loses, and where will we all end up.


What other organizations say about Brian Forde

Brian’s command of his subject won instant respect from senior innovation executives at some of the world’s largest enterprise companies. His energy and passion ignited profound interest, as he unfolded the many ways blockchain technology might disrupt ‘business as usual’ in their industries. I’ve lost count of the times our attendees referenced his session â?? both at the event and in subsequent conversations.”


What other organizations say about Brian Forde

Brian is an engaging, compelling speaker who makes an audience instantly grasp the complexity of the new rules being written by bitcoin and the blockchain. He was a standout success at the WIRED Money conference.



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