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Ben Stein

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Economist; Longtime Columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Barrons and The New York Times; Speech Writer and Aide for Presidents Nixon and Ford; Emmy-winning Television Gameshow Host; Commentator for CBS News, Fox News and CNN and Award-winning Commentator on Finance

Renaissance man Ben Stein melds deadpan humor and serious insights on the economy and human nature in talks that leave people laughing and thinking.

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Ben Stein'S SPEAKING FEE $40K - $70K

Ben Stein Profile Photo

Ben Stein, with his iconic dry wit and a wealth of experience spanning law, economics, and the entertainment industry, offers a unique and enriching perspective to any event. Known to many for his role in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and as the host of “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” Stein’s credentials extend far beyond the screen. A former speechwriter for Presidents Nixon and Ford, and a respected commentator on economic and political issues, his insights bridge the gap between Washington’s corridors of power and Hollywood’s studios.

Stein’s presentations are a masterful blend of humor, historical depth, and practical wisdom, covering topics from fiscal responsibility to the intricacies of American politics and the economy. His ability to distill complex ideas into engaging narratives makes him a compelling speaker for a wide range of audiences.

Booking Ben Stein means securing a speaker who will not only entertain but also provoke thought, offer profound insights, and perhaps most importantly, leave audiences with a renewed appreciation for the interplay between economics, politics, and culture.

Ben Stein’s Speech Topics

  • Universities and Colleges

    His topics include, What Does It All Mean for You? The Economic Meltdown: How It Happened and How You Can Survive It and Thrive

  • A Positive Program To Beat the Retirement Crisis

    A step by step plan for the nation, each company’s employees, each retiree to be enable to retire comfortably by careful and highly DIVERSIFIED and RISK AVERSE saving and investing. I will lay out how we got into the retirement mess, how much short we are, and how as a nation we can get to a better place. I will also set out a plan to save and invest with the help of financial professionals so that the investor’s money grows—while avoiding the risks of catastrophic downturns without taking unnecessary risks. This is a speech for people who seriously want to retire comfortably and help others do so. It involves discussion of a wide range of investment vehicles with emphasis on the financial professionals’ role in getting a decent retirement.

  • Politics in America

    At a time of tremendous uncertainty for America’s political, business and social institutions, Ben Stein provides a patriotic, optimistic look of how we have been here before—and we will find our way forward to a brighter future. Stein lays out what leaders must do to move the greatest country on earth forward by delivering a positive policy prescription for a moral and economic recovery. Stein is a lifelong Republican, but is not afraid to call out his party when he believes they are off the tracks—especially about budgets, taxes and deficits. A former speechwriter to Presidents Nixon and Ford, a campaigner for Ronald Reagan and a longtime observer of all things politic whose views are regularly featured on CBS Sunday Morning, CNN and FOX, audiences leave Stein’s uplifting and pragmatic presentation feeling that America’s best days lie in the not-so-distant future.

  • Ben Stein on Life

    Ben Stein is a profoundly unique individual who has had the good fortune to have “been there and done that” in a myriad of professions that many of us only dream about, see on television, or read about in the news. Always entertaining, always informative and possessing expertise in everything from law to laughs, Ben Stein will leave your audience with useful insight (if you want it!) or simply great memories of a fun time had by all.

  • The Economy

    In election after election there is endless complaining about waste, fraud and abuse in Washington, each batch of candidates promises to clean it up, but somehow it never happens. With the latest economic debacle in full tilt, one thing is for certain—you and I will pick up the monster-sized bill in many different ways. What is missing is more regulation from Washington and more prosecution, not less. Ben Stein shares these insights and more regarding the current economy, what prompted this fiasco and what must be done to dig us out.

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