Ari Fleischer
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Ari Fleischer

An expert who served in the White House and the Congress, Ari Fleischer provides an in-depth look at the Biden Administration, politics, the media and U.S. foreign policy.
Former White House Press Secretary; President Ari Fleischer Communications; and FOX News Contributor

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  • U.S. Government Regulation
  • Media and Journalism

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An expert who served in the White House and the Congress, Ari Fleischer provides an in-depth look at the Biden Administration, politics, the media and U.S. foreign policy.

With over 25 years of experience in public service from Congress to presidential campaigns to serving as President Bush’s press secretary and spokesperson during the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, Ari Fleischer knows first-hand the gravity of today’s current events and the decisions that shape our lives. Using his experience, expertise and insight, Fleischer takes audiences into the events playing out today at home and around the world—from the turmoil in North Africa and Middle East to the budget battles in Congress to the political discourse gripping our politics. Prior to serving as White House press secretary, Fleischer served as the senior communications advisor and spokesman for the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign and communications director for the House Ways and Means Committee. He is a FOX News contributor, and has appeared frequently on many of the leading political and news shows. He is president of Fleischer Communications, working extensively in the corporate and sports world advising on communications, image, and crisis management strategies and issues. Fleischer also served as co-Chair of the Republican National Committee’s Growth and Opportunity Project, an initiative to grow the Republican Party and improve future Republican campaigns. His book, Taking Heat, details his years in the White House and was a New York Times best seller.

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Ari Fleischer's Speech Topics

The Daily Briefing

With news moving at a fast and furious pace, Fleischer focuses on the hottest controversies of the day providing a detailed, in-depth analysis of the latest news coming out of Washington as only a political communications veteran can. With the signature wit and humor he used to handle the toughest of questions in the White House Briefing Room, Fleischer looks at the Trump Administration, Congress, the budget, U.S. foreign policy, and the ever-changing multitude of issues that play out each day. He also takes audiences inside the White House for an amusing and informative glimpse of what life is like “inside the bubble".

Crisis Communications - How You Can Handle the Toughest Questions

Wondering what you should do when the press calls? Fleischer shares lessons about how to handle the press so you can manage bad news and take advantage of good news. Business people deal with challenges that impact the bottom line every day, and reporters are waiting to write what’s gone wrong. Scandal, volatility and competitive pressures drive media coverage and every circumstance must be met head on with effective communications strategies. Fleischer describes how he kept the nation informed during the troubled times of the terrorist attacks on September 11, war and tragedy. He translates the principles he successfully used as the White House Press Secretary into practical steps that have been used successfully by a variety of his clients - corporations and sports organizations - seeking to stay one step ahead of the day’s crisis. This presentation is a practical, thought-provoking exercise that simultaneously entertains audiences and helps them survive a challenging news cycle.

America and Israel: The Path to Stability in the Middle East

In his thought-provoking exploration of the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, Fleischer focuses on why the crisis in the Middle East is one of the most important problems facing the international community and how the turmoil in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries will impact the peace process.  Fleischer takes sides; he credits Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East and notes the sacrifices they have made for peace. He asks where the moderate Arabs are and he’s sharply critical of the Palestinian leadership’s failure to confront terror. His insider’s view of the inner workings of the White House – Fleischer sat in on summit meetings between President Bush and Israeli, Arab and Palestinian leaders - validate his unique perspective regarding the Middle East. Audiences will be inspired by Fleisher’s informative understanding of the region’s complexities, his stories, and his hopes for the future.

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