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A team that can relax and have fun together is a winning team, Larranaga explains to audiences, describing the scene just before the Final Four competition when his players skipped routine drills to spend time with family and fans. Sharing his four tenets of commitment—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—he illustrates how unconditional dedication produces exceptional results in athletics and in life. Larranaga shares:

  • His winning formula for creating a team that works together on the court and supports each other on the sidelines
  • How to create an environment that fosters team growth while promoting individual development
  • How to push players to their limits without wearing them down emotionally and spiritually

Over the last year, issues of conduct, culture and workplace equality have risen to become a global conversation of enormous proportions. As the old saying goes, never let a crisis go to waste. Given the impact social media has on the velocity of scandal, and the critical importance both economically and socially of safe, harassment free workplaces, what can businesses do to address both? The #MeToo moment is an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to make major strides toward greater equity and meritocracy but that takes a considered approach. In this talk, Lauren Leader-Chivee addresses how leaders can take a proactive approach to addressing these critical issues and as well as the potential backlash that already seems to be brewing.  It’s essential that every leader, no matter their level or gender, contribute to changing the status quo and this talk will explore in detail, specifically how that can be done.

Over the course of her 35-year career, Deborah has developed insights and lessons learned: from business and policy successes
and failures. Among them: “Establish goals and priorities, but be prepared to zig zag. At least 50 percent of effective communications is listening.” And “You can and should compromise on most things, but never integrity.” Her problem solving
approach—which she outlines with personal stories from business and government—includes: investigate, communicate, activate, and follow up.

A female CEO hires a voice teacher to lower the pitch of her voice, to sound more like men. A female surgeon enlists a drama coach to help her appear more confident to men. A female journalist wears high heels at work to look physically larger to men (and it turns out, taller women earn 8% more than shorter ones). Women make these and a thousand other adjustments – many of which they aren’t even aware of themselves - all day, every day, to fit in to a business world that was created in the image of men.  Joanne Lipman pierces the veil of secrecy to reveal the many ways that women transform themselves, in a talk that weaves together the latest research with examples that are by turn infuriating, funny, and gobsmacking.

Is it okay to hug a business friend of the opposite sex? Can a man compliment a female colleague on her outfit? Should supervisors leave the door open when meeting with a subordinate of the opposite gender?  In organizations across the country, we are at a transitional moment. The #MeToo movement has upended relations between the genders. There’s confusion on the part of both men and women about what is appropriate. How do we navigate this strange new world? Joanne Lipman offers insights, deep reporting, and shares the latest research and best practices to come up with solutions we can all use every day. An essential guide for leadership as well as for employees.

Joanne Lipman interviewed scores of male business leaders who are championing gender equality, and found that they share one quality in common: Each sees diversity as a business imperative. These men aren’t donning pussy hats and marching in women’s protests. They are instead battle-scarred executives who understand that diverse organizations are more successful. As Lipman shows, the research backs them up. With deeply reported data, surprising twists on conventional wisdom, and compelling anecdotes, she lays out the incontrovertible business case for diversity.

Did you know that mothers routinely overestimate the crawling ability of their baby sons – but underestimate that of their baby daughters?  That parents of two-year-olds who ask Google, “Is my child a genius?” are more than twice as likely to ask that about a boy as a girl?  Unconscious bias – those prejudices we have buried so deeply inside of us that we don’t even realize they exist – are woven throughout every day of our lives, starting in infancy. In this lively keynote, That’s What She Said’s bestselling author Joanne Lipman looks at the roots of implicit bias, how it impacts our lives as well as our businesses - and offers solutions to help counteract these hidden prejudices.

Workplace behavior is both complex and deeply human. Through his work on free traits and well-being, Dr. Little provides unique insight into who we are and how that impacts how we work. Little, who has inspired and mentored such noted behaviorists as Adam Grant and Susan Cain, sheds light on the mystery of human nature by arguing that people often act out of character in order to advance their personal projects. Mixing humor with an exceptionally motivating message about the need to respect differences in individuals, audience members will come away with practical examples that explain how our differences challenge us and why it is essential for organizations that we recognize and rise beyond them.

Joan Lunden shares her personal experience of breast cancer and what she has learned through her journey about health, fitness and the importance of family, friends and community. She gives the patient’s perspective on her treatment from her own personal experience and from what she has heard from the thousands of women who write into her website. Joan includes advice on how to be the CEO of your own health.

Joan Lunden speaks on how we need to reform the way we approach the management of our own health, and how we interact with our doctors and medical institutions. Joan gives strategies on how to take charge of your health as well as be a better patient, helping you to live healthier, happier and longer.

Showing 1 - 10 of 11 speeches.
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