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Big Data is becoming a Big Opportunity, Big Challenge and Big Learning curve for both organizations and individuals   Every visit to a website, every visit to a store and every business and personal transaction creates data.  Increasingly, organizations and governments are discovering how to capture, consider, analyze, compare and leverage “Big Data”.

OK, so how do organizations and leaders make sense of all this rapidly expanding “Big Data.” The challenges focus on Vast Data (dealing with a mind boggling amount of data); Speed of Data (how rapidly can we gather and leverage data); Truth of Data (it is interesting but is it true, real or trustable) and Strange Mix of Data (blending data from different and unrelated sources). “Big Data” will be deployed by organizations making marketing, human resource, educational, financial and strategic decisions.

Elliott Masie will explore these topics in a highly interactive, visually rich and humor filled presentation:

  • Big Data – What Do We Know About You?
  • Big Data – Making Sense of Random Bits of Truth?
  • Big Data and Small Data – Is it True for Me?
  • Big Data – Security, Ethics and Mental Models
  • Big Data – Silly Data
  • Big Data – Futures and Alternatives

While data and connected devices have transformed nearly every aspect of our lives, health care IT is one category still catching up. Farzad Mostashari, M.D.—visiting fellow at Engelberg Center for Health Care Reform (2013-Current)—has succeeded as an advocate for digital medical records. Unlike paper files, which, according to Mostashari are “dead” once filed, digital information can be visualized, analyzed and shared instantaneously. In terms of health care, this is a significant asset. The meaningful use of information at the point of care can improve individual outcomes and public health. But even more transformative is an entirely new ecosystem of applications and services that have been brought to life by this digital revolution, and is creating innovate and effective solutions to health care’s most pressing problems. An expert in the intersection of health care and information technology, Dr. Mostashari provides audiences with a behind-the-scenes look at some of the newest advances in health IT, why “data is,” as he claims, “oxygen for innovation” and what changes we can expect to see by going digital.

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 speeches.
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