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General Petraeus invites audiences to participate in a moderated question and answer session where he addresses the significant global challenges facing countries and organizations today, including ongoing international security issues, macroeconomic trends, energy policy and the tasks of strategic leadership in the 21st century. Audiences are given unprecedented access to one of the most effective military leaders in recent U.S. history as he takes questions from the interviewer and the audience for an engaging, dynamic and thought-provoking discussion.

All Americans are feeling the effects of the economic downturn. And addressing the economy is the top priority of our nation. To make a real and lasting impact we must seek to do more than create new jobs and opportunities today, we must build the platform on which our economy can continue to grow for decades to come—and there is nothing more important to the present and future of our economy than energy. Any effort to address our economic problems will require a thorough understanding of this issue and willingness to confront our dependence on foreign oil and what domestic resources we can use. As one of the world’s most successful and recognized business leaders, T. Boone Pickens delivers a comprehensive, forward-looking solution to enhance America’s energy and economic engine. Realizing the crisis is beyond politics and too large to be addressed in a piecemeal fashion, Pickens outlines a bold framework of coordinated steps that together form a comprehensive approach to America's energy needs—and the need to create jobs while encouraging economic growth.

Legendary businessman T. Boone Pickens turned a $2500 investment into America's largest independent natural gas and oil companiesin the span of three decades. But Pickens’ road to success was not without challenges. When he left his company at the age of sixty-eight after a spectacular downward spiral in the company’s profits, many counted him out. Indeed, what followed for him was a painful divorce, clinical depression, a temporary inability to predict the movement of energy prices and the loss of 90 percent of his investing capital. Pickens went on to stage a remarkable late-life comeback that brought the famed maverick back to the top of global business. In this extraordinary presentation from one of the world’s most visionary leaders, Pickens shares his story and helps leaders understand the choices that they need to make to find their own path to success. Pickens uses his influence and role as a business leader to call attention to one of the most important issues of our time, America’s dependence on foreign oil and our need to do what’s right for America’s energy future. Beyond energy, Pickens reminds audiences that good leaders must be unafraid to make decisions and that it is both the procurement of ideas—and the cultivation of individuals—that are responsible for ensuring organizational success.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 speeches.
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