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General Petraeus invites audiences to participate in a moderated question and answer session where he addresses the significant global challenges facing countries and organizations today, including ongoing international security issues, macroeconomic trends, energy policy and the tasks of strategic leadership in the 21st century. Audiences are given unprecedented access to one of the most effective military leaders in recent U.S. history as he takes questions from the interviewer and the audience for an engaging, dynamic and thought-provoking discussion.

David Plouffe is the “architect” of President Barack Obama's two national election victories, which had at their core a belief in young people and their desire to have their voices heard. Plouffe's strategy in the 2008 primaries relied on mobilizing new voters to turn out, going against the conventional wisdom that they would tune out and not show up at the polls. Confounding the experts, Obama's two general election wins were fueled by young voter turnout. Plouffe shares his unique insight into what motivates millennials and his passionate belief that this is a more selfless and talented generation than his own, and what that will mean not just for the millennial generation, but also for the nation and the world. Plouffe's own story of going from cleaning chimneys and selling knives door-to-door in college to eventually working next to the Oval Office shows that anyone who is interested in public service and politics can leave their mark, and he strongly encourages college students and all young people to be part of molding the future they will soon lead.

Michael Powell knows what it means to sacrifice. After beginning his life as an Army child, Powell was commissioned an armored cavalry officer in the U.S. Army. But a serious injury during a training accident forced him into a grueling year-long rehabilitation. It was here that Powell learned about service and personal sacrifice, understanding what's necessary to reach one's goals. As well, Powell learned the value of service to a higher cause from his parents. Powell reflects warmly on what it means to be a part of a community, to take charge and make a difference in your company and the lives of others. Additionally, he reflects on his experience as an African-American, how that informs his passion for service, and how education remains one of his guiding principals as path towards a better future for society and the culture at large.

The concepts of “teaching” and “training” are going through profound changes in our time—and not just because of technology. In the past, our educational goals evolved from “imitating” to “learning.” But to deal with our turbulent times, it is now necessary, says Marc Prensky, to adopt the far more far-reaching and useful goal of “becoming.” In our turbulent third millennium, with its coming deep exploration of both outer and virtual space, we need all our students and workers to become capable, good people who improve the world they live in. To succeed going forward, says Prensky, all students and all workers will need to master, in all their complex facets, the core skills of Effective Thinking, Effective Action, Effective Relationships and Effective Accomplishment—strongly supported by technology. In this original and insightful talk, Prensky shows audiences how such a “new core” can be integrated into our teaching and training, using a new methodology of “accomplishment-based education.” Prensky also shows how to avoid letting the “luster” of the new technologies mask the real progress we need in education and training.

A new paradigm for education is emerging in the world, going from the old "learning and personal accomplishment" to the new "becoming and real-world accomplishment."  In this new paradigm, the new goal is "becoming,"  the new pedagogy is "real-world accomplishment" and the "new core curriculum" is effective thinking, effective action ,effective relationships and effective accomplishment, combined with strong situational awareness about the world, and an underlying foundation of technology.

The era of just “learning” is over—students also have to “become” good, capable, empowered and world improving people.  Rather than just "achieve," students now need to accomplish projects that benefit the real world. They need to learn to think, act, relate and accomplish effectively, expressing their own unique interests and passions.  In this talk, Prensky lays out the emerging new paradigm for third millennium K-12 education, and shows who is already doing this, what their results are, and how we can all get there.

Based on Prensky's newest book, Education to Better Their World,: Unleashing the Power of 21st Century Kids, the talk highlights a fresh and emerging approach to education—based on real, World-improving Projects +  Applied Passion + Effective Thinking, action, relationships and accomplishment—that far better fits tomorrow's needs and the new capabilities of our young people.

“What our education should be about,” says Prensky, “is accomplishment that improves our world—with individuals improving in the process.” The talk, filled with examples, is about developing young people’s capacity to create, through "applied passion," solutions that will make their world a better place, using means never before available. Prensky's totally different take on K-12 education offers an innovative and achievable vision of K-12 education that will far better prepare students of all backgrounds for their future.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 speeches.
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