Samantha Vinograd
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Samantha Vinograd

From the Situation Room to the boardroom, Samantha Vinograd has worked at the highest levels of the public and private sector, providing her a unique perspective on national security issues and global economic policy.

CNN National Security Analyst; Senior Advisor at the University of Delaware's Biden Institute

Expertise In:

  • National Security
  • U.S. Current Events
  • Crisis Management
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • China

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Corporations
  • Non-Profits
  • The Finance Industry
  • The Professional Services Industry

After working at the highest levels of public and private sectors, Samantha Vinograd has a unique perspective on the national security issues to pay attention to, and why. Whether on air or off, she communicates which complex issues each of us should care about, and what we can do to affect change.

Currently CNN National Security Analyst and a Senior Advisor at the University of Delaware's Biden Institute, Vinograd has spent her career analyzing and communicating complex national security and global economic policy issues. She started her career deployed to Iraq and later worked in the UAE and Saudi Arabia for the U.S. Department of the Treasury - an experience that gave her first-hand experiences with global economic policy and counter-terrorism.

Later at the White House, she was entrusted to prioritize national security issues for the National Security Advisor, develop deep subject matter knowledge including national security, energy, and international economics, while maintaining networks at the most senior levels within the U.S. government and around the world. Her private sector experience includes being the co-founder of Global Opportunity Advisors, as well as previous stints at Goldman Sachs and  as the Public Policy Lead at Stripe, an online payment processing company.

In addition to speaking to diverse audiences on national security and economic policy, Vinograd – the daughter of a Holocaust survivor -- also devotes her time to speaking about combating antisemitism around the world.

Why Book Samantha Vinograd

Building on her extensive background in national security and global business, Samantha Vinograd has a unique ability to identify the national security and economic policy issues affecting every organization. Her ability to communicate complexity clearly -- and distilling the key takeaways for audiences – make her uniquely suited to keynote your event. 

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Samantha Vinograd's Speech Topics

The Threats We’re Not Talking About, But We Should

It’s hard to know what matters each day as the endless stream of breaking news continues unabated. While we’re overloaded with clickbait, we can’t lose sight of the big picture -- the major threats that don’t make it into your inbox. With Americans heading to the polls, election insecurity is becoming the new normal. Whether it's foreign actors or U.S. politics spreading misinformation, it’s important to understand the threat landscape and why election interference will have reverberations for generations to come. Vinograd breaks down the major items that citizens and businesses alike should pay attention to. From coronavirus (COVID-19) to climate change to standoffs in various parts of the world, national security issues are moving markets. Global developments - as well as movements in commodities and in domestic politics - need to be understood so that individuals and businesses can better position themselves to make informed decisions. Vinograd gives audiences insights that help them make key decisions in the best interest of themselves and their organization.

Can America Recover from COVID-19

There was no pandemic pause button for global threats facing the United States during COVID-19. North Korea and Iran didn’t stop nuclearizing, Russia didn’t stop interfering in our elections, and Assad didn’t cease his brutal behavior. At the same time, rival powers like Russia and China tried to take advantage of the pandemic period to advance their own agendas against us and COVID-19 exacerbated existing threats like global food insecurity and poverty. Despite this heightened threat environment, the national security apparatus had fewer resources available to just do routine national security work. Urgent and necessary measures were taken to safeguard the health of US personnel, but because of travel restrictions, remote working, and shift work, U.S. government personnel were unable to fully perform their day jobs during the pandemic. We also had to redirect significant resources to meet the COVID-19 threat - in terms of physical, financial resources, and human resources. This puts a strain on other work during this period and down the road. Whenever we do mitigate the COVID-19 crisis, the national security recovery will depend on a thoughtfully executed recovery plan. New geopolitical realities, perceptions of the United States, and gaps in our national security will need an unbiased, sustained focus.

U.S. - China Relations: Politics vs. Policy

China has become a convenient political football during the 2020 campaign season. But, behind the politics, there are real policy decisions that the US needs to make in order to responsibly manage both threats and opportunities with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). These policy decisions need to factor in apolitical intelligence on the CCP's goals internally and externally, realistic economic analysis and input from the business community, and more. Decoupling from China is not an option, but realistic engagement is.