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Nicole Lapin

"Nicole?s advice and delivery is current, raw, and entertaining. She motivated our audience with her empowering message of perseverance through both financial and personal obstacles."

Entertaining, honest, and life-changing, Nicole Lapin distills lessons from her five how-to books into actionable tips on increasing emotional wellness, banishing burnout, and creating success on your own terms. Utilizing her unique and conversational communication style, she shares advice from her career and personal journey to teach audiences how to tackle taboo subjects.

“Self-care is the biggest asset or liability in our career. When it’s on point it can help us soar, and when it’s neglected it can bring us down faster than anything else.”

Nicole Lapin

With her books, New York Times bestselling author Lapin started the national conversation about women taking control of their lives and careers. In 2019, she released Becoming Super Woman, redefining what it means to be a woman who “has it all” – offering up a 12-step plan to go from burnout to balance. Her most recent book, Miss Independent, a simple plan to build wealth was published in February 2022 and became an instant, multi-week Wall Street Journal bestseller. 

Lapin was an anchor for CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and a special money correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. She currently hosts the daily podcast “Money Rehab,” which hit #1 on Apple’s podcast charts. In 2023 she expanded on the success of her show to create Money News Network, a podcast-first platform aimed at financial literacy. 

Lapin uses her expertise to not only teach the language of money in plain English but also to illustrate the reality of burnout and its negative impact on a company’s bottom line. Sharing her own personal journey through breakdowns and battling finances, Lapin draws on raw and often hilariously real stories from her career – the good, the bad, and the ugly – to show what it means to take back control once and for all.

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Nicole Lapin’s Speech Topics

  • From Burnout to Balance

    In a world that teaches women to “lean in” to everything and be like the character Superwoman, Nicole Lapin proves that the secret to success is “putting your oxygen mask on first before helping others.”

    After hitting her rock bottom, she decided to change her working style and came up with a plan to create boundaries and live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. When she needed a hero most, she had to become her own.

    In this talk, based on her recent book Becoming Super Woman, Lapin offers actionable tips on how to take better care of yourself, increase your emotional wellness, and work smarter, not harder.

    “It took me years – decades, really – to realize that trying to do everything meant I didn’t do anything well,” she says. “And, trying to be everything to everyone meant I was nothing to myself.”

    Backed by her first-hand experience in dealing with it in her own life, Lapin details the rising epidemic of burnout and teaches audiences how to recognize it, reverse it, and banish it — for good.

    “No one is such a big deal that they can’t unplug long enough to recharge,” she says.

  • Born in the Bleachers

    Nicole Lapin was once referred to as the Doogie Howser of network news. She broke barriers and records as a television anchor. Most people assumed that she was born on 2nd base, that her connected wealthy parents must have helped her. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Through her storytelling, Lapin teaches audiences how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones as she did – rising to be the youngest anchor on both CNN and CNBC. She discusses overcoming an abusive childhood to become the success she is today with her poignant, raw, and often funny narrative of overcoming adversity. 

    She used to be embarrassed to admit where she really came from. She thought that admitting the fact she wasn’t born on any base, but rather somewhere in bleachers, to continue the metaphor, would ruin her career. Here she reveals how her real story of triumph over trauma and adversity became her biggest superpower – but only when she reframed it that way. Lapin inspires audiences to rise to the occasion and celebrate vulnerability—whether you’re in upper management, still climbing the ranks, or charting your own career path.

  • The Future of Media

    Having reached many of her goals early in life, Nicole Lapin decided to become more entrepreneurial, forging her own path in media. 

    When she left her high-profile network news anchor job at CNBC at 27, she never intended to fully disrupt the money news world but that’s exactly what she did. Lapin went on to launch several bestselling books in the personal finance space that were unlike any others to date. She then put her stake in the ground in podcasting in a big way, topping the charts with her daily show “Money Rehab” and later launching her own podcast network, Money News Network.

    Lapin has been in the media for 20 years, starting as a reporter on the floor of the stock exchange at just 18. She understands the ins and outs of traditional and new media, reaching a younger female audience and creating content that makes a splash. She can offer insider insights about where the industry is going, show your team how to think about podcasting, and the best ways to use those trends to your advantage.

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Nicole?s advice and delivery is current, raw, and entertaining. She motivated our audience with her empowering message of perseverance through both financial and personal obstacles.


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