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Michael Powell
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Michael Powell

Deeply committed to making the digital future accessible to everyone, Michael Powell is actively engaged with policymakers and leaders from business, health care and education on technological development, deployment and use.
President & CEO, National Cable & Telecommunications Association and Former Chairman, Federal Communications Commission

Expertise In:

  • Leadership
  • American Politics
  • U.S. Government Regulation
  • Business Growth and Trends
  • Information Technology

Audience & Industry

  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Corporations
  • Senior Management Groups
  • The Professional Services Industry
  • Associations

Deeply committed to making the digital future accessible to everyone, Michael Powell is actively engaged with policymakers and leaders from business, health care and education on technological development, deployment and use.

Productivity and innovation in business, education, health care and government—and our ability to make social progress—hinges on the total integration of Broadband Internet and related digital technologies into our economy, our communities and our lives. As former FCC chairman and adviser to President Obama regarding FCC transition, Powell understands the obstacles and opportunities. Recently named as the President and CEO of the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, he is founder of Digital Pathway—a bi-partisan coalition advocating a national Broadband policy and a key participant in the effort to accelerate our digital future. Michael Powell is a member of a private equity firm and sits on the boards of several startup companies. He speaks with authority on the latest technologies, the impact of shifting regulatory policy and the effort to ensure advanced communications services and products serve as cornerstones of our multi-faced lives. He brings his ideas to life through real-life examples such as how the Obama Campaign used social networking technologies to reinvent the political process. Michael Powell successfully led the FCC through the most challenging period in the agency's history by recognizing that existing regulations, created before the rise of the Internet, no longer sufficed to maintain marketplace order.

Michael Powell's Speech Topics

The Digital Revolution

Who could have imagined that the whole of human communication could be reduced to an alphabet of two: zero and one. Digitalization is revolutionizing our world, putting much greater power into the hands of people. Newspapers have personal technology sections, consumer electronics gadgets top consumer wish lists for holidays and birthdays and words like "WIFI," "broadband" and "instant messaging" have entered the cultural lexicon as reflections of how rooted innovative technologies are becoming in our lives. The march of technology is relentless: in the near future you will watch videos on your cell phone, program your television from the Internet, and make unlimited phone calls from virtually any electronic device anywhere anytime. As well, the coming generation of youngsters will provide us with the very first generation of children who grew up in an entirely digital age. How will this affect the way they process information from previous generations? What does raising a generation of children literally "plugged-in" from birth mean for education and learning, for parenting, for the workforce, for society and for the future? Michael Powell gives us glimpse into the future, clarifying the world of bewildering technological change and articulating how changes in media, music, telephony, and wireless are transforming how we work, play and care for our citizens.

Leadership, Service, Sacrifice

Michael Powell knows what it means to sacrifice. After beginning his life as an Army child, Powell was commissioned an armored cavalry officer in the U.S. Army. But a serious injury during a training accident forced him into a grueling year-long rehabilitation. It was here that Powell learned about service and personal sacrifice, understanding what's necessary to reach one's goals. As well, Powell learned the value of service to a higher cause from his parents. Powell reflects warmly on what it means to be a part of a community, to take charge and make a difference in your company and the lives of others. Additionally, he reflects on his experience as an African-American, how that informs his passion for service, and how education remains one of his guiding principals as path towards a better future for society and the culture at large.

Changing Regulation For the Future: Technology and Public Policy

Michael Powell led the FCC during one of the most critical times in its existence, helping it meet the challenges of new technology and outdated policy—often in the face of strong resistance to change. His vision helped drive the realization that it is time for a significant overhaul of U.S. telecommunications policy to better fit the demands of the Information Age. Powell provides a candid look at the regulatory process, what needs to change as Congress considers a new law and what is at stake in the process—U.S. global competitiveness, innovation and investment in the future that our children will inherit.