Meredith Fineman
Meredith Fineman's Speaking Fee $25K - $40K

Meredith Fineman

Empowering individuals to master the art of fearless self-promotion.

Founder and CEO of FinePoint, Author, and Podcast Host

Expertise In:

  • Communication
  • Inspiring Lives
  • Personal Growth and Achievement
  • Women in Leadership
  • Gender Equality

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Corporations
  • Global Audiences
  • Sales Professionals
  • Women's Events

Empowering individuals to master the art of fearless self-promotion.

Meredith Fineman is the founder of FinePoint, a leadership and professional development company with a focus on visibility and voice, particularly for CEOs, founders, and women in positions of power.

She speaks and trains nationally on the power of strategic self-promotion for her demographic, The Qualified Quiet™ – those that have done the work but don’t know how to talk about it.

Author of the forthcoming book, Brag Better™: The Art of Fearless Self-Promotion (Portfolio Penguin Randomhouse, June 2020), Fineman will provide audiences the kind of practical advice they need to improve their voice and visibility within organizations.

Fineman is also a freelance writer of 15 years, with columns and bylines in outlets like Harvard Business Review, Forbes, FastCompany, Inc, Elle, Shondaland, Marie Claire, Entrepreneur, and more. She is the collaborator of the book, Microtrends Squared, released in March 2018 with Simon & Schuster and hosts the podcast It Never Gets Old on the sustainable fashion industry.

Why Book Meredith Fineman for Your Event

Light-hearted, but also dead serious about her mission to improve people’s ability to brag about themselves, Fineman will entertain your audience as well as give them the tools they need to boost their profile within their organizations.

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Meredith Fineman's Speech Topics

Brag Better™: What The Qualified Quiet™ Needs to Know

Fineman has spent a decade training and championing The Qualified Quiet™ – those that have done the work but don't know how to promote themselves. Fineman will walk audiences through her tried-and-true Brag Better™ training method, explaining why we don't brag, and why we are missing out if we don't.

Women and Bragging: The Invisible Tightrope of Visibility

In this talk, Fineman goes into one of her specialties, around women and a lack of feeling comfortable with self-promotion. As a female leader that has had to deal with perception and scrutiny, Fineman gets the balance women feel they need to strike between team play and self-promotion. By using Brag Better™ tactics, women can too learn to tout their work and get the recognition, money, and time they deserve.

The Future of Fashion is Nothing New™

Fineman is a thought leader in sustainable fashion, by way of the world of secondhand clothing, which will be a $23-billion industry by 2022. Fineman breaks down where fashion is headed and why one of the keys lies in clothing that has been worn by someone else. She is the creator and host of the popular podcast It Never Gets Old: A First-Hand Account of All Things Secondhand (and Sustainable).

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