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Martin O’Malley

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Governor of Maryland (2007-2015); Mayor, City of Baltimore (1999-2007)

Former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley shares his thoughts on leadership and innovation and examines the nation’s most crucial issues, including health care reform, the environment, entrepreneurship, the future of education and leadership and governing in the information age.

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Martin O’Malley Profile Photo


Two-term governor of Maryland hailed for his effective actions and balanced priorities, Martin O’Malley delivered results for the constituents of his state by focusing on job creation and increasing opportunities. Under Governor O’Malley’s leadership, Maryland was recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as #1 in innovation and entrepreneurship for three years running as well as #1 in the nation in STEM jobs. The College Board organization named Maryland one of the top states in the nation in holding down the cost of college tuition, and Education Week recognized Maryland has having the best public schools in America for an unprecedented five years in a row. Prior to serving as governor for two terms, O’Malley served two terms as the mayor of Baltimore. During his mayoral tenure, TIME named him “one of American’s top five big city mayors” and Esquire called him “the best young mayor in America.” He also took action to restore the health of the Chesapeake Bay and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and worked to ensure equal rights for all Marylanders by signing marriage equality into law. Washington Monthly called him “arguably the best manager working in government,” and Governing magazine named him “Public Official of the Year.” He discusses with audiences a wide range of topics, including current events, his thoughts on infrastructure investment, public safety, the future of education, health care reform, the economy, innovation and entrepreneurship, the environment, cybersecurity, open data and immigration reform, and other critical issues facing the country.

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Martin O’Malley Profile Photo
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Martin O’Malley’s Speech Topics

  • Remarks by Governor Martin O’Malley

    Governor Martin O’Malley draws on his experiences as governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore offering his unique insights on a wide range of topics impacting Americans today, including:

    • Innovation and entrepreneurship in the information age
    • The threats and opportunities of both national and global cybersecurity issues and how we can prepare the next generation with the right skills
    • The environment, clean water, and opportunities for businesses in the face of climate change
    • Current events, public safety, the future of education, health care reform, the economy, open data and immigration reform

  • How to Govern for Results in the Information Age

    Governor Martin O’Malley knows how to take action in the face of daunting challenges.

    Under his leadership, Baltimore and the state of Maryland experienced unprecedented changes, like the largest ten-year reduction of crime of any major city in the country and achieving the number one public school system in America five years in a row.

    Through stories and real-life struggles, the former Maryland Governor provides engaging insight into how data-driven decision making and collaboration can change the future of America, from the ground up. He provides tangible steps that companies can take to create an entrepreneurial and accountable internal atmosphere by investing in artificial intelligence, committing to transparency, measuring performance, and setting public deadlines.

    As a futurist, his in-depth knowledge of how technological advances and artificial intelligence are forever altering the way that leaders govern and embrace challenges makes him a unique speaker for the leaders of tomorrow.

    Backed by his new book, Smarter Government: Governing for Results in the Information Age, Governor O’Malley explains how data-driven decision making and leadership can be combined for life-saving and life-giving results.

    He issues a clarion call for a renewal of faith in our own democracy, in a time of diminished trust. “What our democracy needs is not new technologies, but new social-technical habits — habits of leadership, habits of management, and habits of the heart,” he says.

    Drawing from the creation and use of CitiStat, a revolutionary program he implemented as Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland, Governor O’Malley details how this new way of data-driven governing improves effectiveness and efficiency at every level, while also improving the quality of life shared by all.

  • Leadership and Governing in the Information Age

    Through the stories, wisdom, talents and commitment of others, Governor Martin O’Malley learned to forge a new way of governing as both mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland. O’Malley understands that leadership has changed from top-level hierarchy to the center of a collaborative circle, and that the public now often learns information just as fast – if not prior – to leaders today. Enabled by new technologies such as geographic information systems, common platforms and the Internet, O’Malley successfully recaptured the trust of the citizens of Baltimore and subsequently the state of Maryland. One of his first actions as governor was to implement the same CitiStat system he used to manage Baltimore. CitiStat received the “Innovations in Government” award by Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. This new way of governing has now spread to cities and towns all across the United States and is a model for improving the quality of life shared by all and a promise of a more effective way of governing at every level of our government—local, state and federal.

  • Future of Health Care Reform

    Governor Martin O'Malley shares his experience as governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore presenting his insights into reducing health care costs and implementing next-generation reforms. Under his data-driven leadership, Maryland exceeded its goals and expanded reliable and quality health care coverage to over 700,000 Marylanders—nearly a third of them children. 

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Both Governor O’Malley and Senator Ayotte were a delight, and we appreciate them spending additional time with our small group post-event. From a professional and personal perspective, I’m hard-pressed to come up with a better pairing.

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