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Lalin Anik

Visiting Professor, Columbia Business School

"My goal is to connect with people at a deeper level, make them feel seen, understood, worthy… So that they value themselves, value life, are motivated to take action and do big and good things in the world." – Lalin Anik

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Lalin Anik'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

As a behavioral scientist, Lalin Anik transcends traditional business perspectives to solve the intrinsic human problems concerning companies, organizations and societies.

With a Doctorate in Marketing from Harvard Business School and BA in Psychology and Business from Brandeis University, Anik uncovers the insights underlying consumer decisions and behaviors. A celebrated speaker at venues including UN and TEDx, Anik’s oratory reputation is defined by an organic intensity and uncanny ability to look deep into the eyes of every listener in a packed auditorium.

For over two decades, Anik has guided firms and governments along new creative paths that generate synergy and energize collectives. Her collaborations secure healthier, happier, more productive lives for countless employees, consumers and communities.

Anik’s science is (Pro)Social Consumption: the antecedents and consequences of how consumer spending affects the individual, their life and relationships. She helps us challenge the impersonality pervading modern business, rock the balance between selfish and selfless, and cultivate new positive behaviors.

With Anik onboard, brands unearth new routes to vast new panoramas of compassionate conduct. Her approach demands stark reflection but offers incredible value, for it is in these rich, unexplored pockets that lie the raw materials for a deeper understanding of human behavior.

In 2020, Mediacat called Anik one of Turkey’s 50 Most Creative People. And when you learn that for 17 years she swam on Turkey’s national swim team (setting several records along the way), you are unsurprised. A ferocity bubbles in her, an unrelenting curiosity that compels all who listen to gaze within. Hers is a unique, near-contradictory drive of sincere resilience and volatile compassion.

Named “2019 MBA Professor of the Year” and one of “2019’s Best 40 Under 40 MBA Professors” by Poets & Quants, Anik is a firm student favorite at Darden Business School, where she was the Class of 2019’s Faculty Marshal, twice-received the Faculty Diversity Award, and was nominated multiple times for the Outstanding Faculty Award.

Her research is published in top academic journals and featured frequently by media outlets including Bloomberg, CNN, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, National Public Radio, Scientific American, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

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Lalin Anik
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Lalin Anik’s Speech Topics

  • Remarks by Lalin Anik

    Revealing the energy of empathy and science of behavior change in modern business, Lalin Anik transcends traditional business perspectives to solve the intrinsic human problems concerning companies, organizations and societies. By dissecting the tensions between what we do for ourselves and for others, Anik demonstrates the greater overall reward – for individual and institution alike – of shifting from the immediate joy of personal spending to satisfaction of prosocial spending. Anik teaches audiences to ask questions that cut deeper, to supersede surface queries and welcome the insights that inspire growth like:

    • What factors facilitate or inhibit consumption?
    • How do we encourage consumers to spend resources on others? And how do we define the expression of an entity some think faceless?

    She champions empathy, the value of vulnerability and to be bold enough to drill into our susceptibilities, rather than waste precious energy shielding them.


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