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Chip Heath
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Chip Heath

Unearthing the science behind defining experiences and moments that matter.

New York Times Best-Selling Author and Professor

Expertise In:

  • Peak Performance
  • Personal Growth and Achievement
  • Communication
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges
  • Workforce Effectiveness

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Senior Management Groups
  • Corporations
  • The Professional Services Industry
  • Sales Professionals

The co-author of four New York Times best-selling books on business, Chip Heath offers a breadth of expertise to teach audiences at any level how to utilize the power of moments to manage and lead successful change, make communication stickier, and improve their decision-making skills.

A master storyteller, Chip Heath is known for his ability to select stories and examples that will resonate with your audience. He uses stories to introduce practical tips that will help audiences in any industry that seeks to make smarter choices or lead transformative change. Co-author of four of the most-loved business books of the past decade: Made to Stick, Switch and Decisive (all New York Times best-sellers), the Heath brothers’ latest book, The Power of Moments, explores why certain brief experiences can jolt, elevate and change us—and how we can learn to create these extraordinary moments in our life and work.

As a professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Chip teaches courses on business strategy, change, and sticky communication. He has consulted with clients ranging from Google and Gap, to The Nature Conservancy and the American Heart Association. Chip was named among the most influential management thinkers on the 2013 Thinkers 50, and to Fast Company’s list of the Most Creative People in Business. The Heath brothers’ books have been praised by wide-ranging sources—from the Harvard Business Review to People magazine—and have been translated into 33 languages. Chip weaves together the results of his research based tools with a liberal dose of humor to create keynotes that are truly memorable.


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Chip Heath's Speech Topics

Making Ideas Stick

In a world drowning in information, how do you make your idea stand out? It’s hard enough just to get an audience for your idea—and much harder still for it to be memorable and meaningful for your listeners. (How much do you remember from the last PowerPoint presentation you saw?)

Yet there are ideas that seem to stick naturally, ranging from urban legends to proverbs. Chip’s international best-seller Made to Stickrevealed the surprising parallels between these naturally sticky ideas and ideas in the workplace that change attitudes and behavior, including successful corporate strategies, product visions, public health messages, and even coaching advice. As a result of the unexpected analysis and the practical advice that derives from it, Made to Stick was an Amazon Top 10 Business Book and was subsequently translated into over 30 languages.

In this talk, Chip will reveal that sticky messages of all kinds draw their power from six key traits, ranging from unexpectedness to emotion. If you understand these traits, you can communicate your own ideas in a way that is influential and lasting—in a way that sticks

Leading a Switch

Why do some big changes happen easily while many small changes prove impossible? The answer hinges on some of the most fascinating findings in psychology. Our mind is divided into two different systems—an analytical mind and an emotional mind—that are often in conflict, particularly in situations of change. Building on this research, and based on the book, Switch, which spent 47 weeks on the New York Times best seller list, Chip will reveal a simple, three-part framework that will help you change things in tough times.

All of us have things we want to change—in our families, our businesses, and our communities. Our goal might be as simple as losing a few pounds or as complex as changing the culture of an organization. Where do you start? And what do you do when you face resistance? This session is a must for any change leader who is struggling to make progress. Chip’s talk will give leaders the specific tools—and the inspiration—they need to make change happen

Being Decisive

Research in psychology has revealed that our decisions are disrupted by an array of biases and irrationalities. Unfortunately, merely being aware of these shortcomings doesn’t fix the problem, any more than knowing that we are near sighted helps us to see. The real question is: How can we do better?

In this session, Chip will introduce a four-step process designed to counteract these biases based on the #1 Wall Street Journal best-seller, Decisive. In the book, the Heath brothers sifted through voluminous literature on decision making to unearth practical solutions to our biases. This presentation will share an array of fascinating stories, from a rock star’s ingenious decision-making trick, to a CEO’s career-ending acquisition, to a single question that can often resolve thorny personal decisions.

Audience members will walk away with fresh strategies and practical tools enabling them to overcome decision paralysis and make better choices, faster. Because the right decision, at the right moment, can make all the difference.

Creating Moments That Matter

Some experiences are vastly more memorable and meaningful than others: A moment of extraordinary service that a customer can’t stop talking about. A moment of insight that helps a group of employees embrace a new vision. A moment of compassion that makes a patient’s burden feel lighter. Everywhere you look, people are trying to craft memorable experiences—from customer experiences to patient experiences. Leaders are working hard to boost employee engagement, student engagement, and parishioner engagement. But these discussions have been dominated by a focus on fixing problems (what Chip Heath calls “filling pits”), rather than creating memorable experiences (“raising peaks”). Yet Heath’s research suggests that it’s far more valuable to build peaks.

How do you build peaks for the people you care about? In this talk, drawing from his forthcoming book The Power of Moments, Heath will reveal the four elements that create defining moments. Armed with an understanding of these elements, we can be the authors of moments that spark delight, connection, and insight.

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