Anne Morriss
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Anne Morriss

Leadership isn’t about you. It’s about empowering other people as a result of your presence, and about making sure the impact of your leadership continues into your absence.

Thought Leader & Founder of The Leadership Consortium

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  • Corporate Culture
  • Change Management

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Anne Morriss is driven by an infectious commitment to help people realize their full potential as leaders and change-makers. She is a highly sought-after leadership coach and Executive Founder of The Leadership Consortium (TLC), a first-of-its kind leadership accelerator that works to build inclusive executive teams and prepare diverse leaders for senior leadership. Through its innovative virtual development experiences, TLC helps more and varied leaders thrive and accelerate their impact.

Anne has spent the last twenty years building and leading mission-driven enterprises, serving most recently as CEO and Founder of GenePeeks, a computational genomics company developing breakthrough ways to identify genetic risk. She has worked with entrepreneurs, companies and governments throughout the United States and Latin America on strategy, leadership, and organizational change. Her collaborators have ranged from early-stage tech founders to public sector leaders working to build national competitiveness.

Anne serves on a number of not-for-profit boards, including the national Board of IGNITE, which champions the need for more women in public office. She is the best-selling co-author of Uncommon Service: How to Win by Putting Customers at the Core of Your Business and Unleashed: The Unapologetic Leader’s Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You. Hailed as “the definitive guide to leadership today,” Unleashed invites readers to look beyond themselves and focus on the core challenge of leadership: how to unlock the potential of others.

Anne received her BA from Brown University and MBA from Harvard Business School. 

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Anne Morriss' Speech Topics

Building (and Rebuilding) Trust

Trust is the foundation for leadership, [says leadership coach] and [thought leader], Anne Morriss. “When we build trust, we create the conditions for unprecedented human progress,” she says. But what do we do when trust is broken? In business there are many reasons why trust breaks down – a misalignment of values and actions, a culture that tolerates bias, a distracted leadership team. In her talk on the art of building (and rebuilding) trust, Morriss gives audiences a positive and practical breakdown of the steps leaders need to take in order to create a strong foundation for success – based on her experience building companies and advising countless executives at pivotal leadership moments. But before you can solve the problem of broken trust, Morriss argues, you must first understand the components of trust where leaders often get “wobbly” – be it logic, empathy, or authenticity.

Dare to Be Bad (in the Service of Great)

Organizations succeed when they have deep clarity about where they want to excel – as well as deep comfort with the tradeoffs required to get there. In this session, [thought leader] Anne Morriss helps leaders articulate areas where they want to outperform, as well as the strategic price they’re willing to pay to reliably enable this success. Morriss argues that it’s the “courage to be bad” at things that matter less that allows us to excel where it matters most. In what is often the most impactful part of the session, she explores ways to avoid the most common byproduct of organizations and leaders who try to be great at everything they do: exhausted mediocrity.

High-Performance Leadership

Successful leaders drive performance by setting high standards and revealing deep devotion to their people. The hard part is to do both at the same time, according to [leadership thought leader], Anne Morriss, who describes this practice as “radical presence.” Our natural human instincts lead us to lower the bar in the name of loyalty and empathy, at least until performance suffers. That’s the point at which we often do the opposite, obscuring our humanity in order to set and raise expectations. In this session, Morriss offers a practical roadmap for delivering remarkable results by communicating expectations and empathy simultaneously, a journey towards excellence that starts with accurately diagnosing our own leadership instincts.

How to Become a Truly Inclusive Leader

Leadership, at its core, isn’t about you. According to [author] and [entrepreneur], Anne Morriss, it’s about empowering the people around you and creating the conditions where others can thrive. How do you create those conditions for people who may bring different perspectives and life experiences to the table? Diversity is a longterm advantage, but a short-term challenge in becoming a truly inclusive leader. Morriss has spent decades building inclusive cultures and helping leaders champion difference as a true competitive advantage. She explores how leading firms are succeeding by investing in diversity and prioritizing inclusion as an urgent, achievable goal. Spotlighted companies include Uber, WPP, and Riot Games, companies where Morriss was part of the team charged with advancing inclusion and creating a more equitable workplace.

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