Magnetic Moderators

Experts at navigating tricky topics and asking the tough questions, these conversational chameleons spur discussion and debate with their unrivaled moderating skills. Pairing perfectly with any panel, these guiding voices drive the agenda and keep it on track. Their inquisitive nature unearths jewels of dialogue and foster a welcoming environment for nurturing new paths of thought.

Featured Speakers
Exclusively WSB

Walter Isaacson

Best-Selling Author; Acclaimed Historian and Journalist; Professor of History, Tulane University

“Smart people are a dime a dozen. What matters is the ability to think different... to think out of the box.”

Creativity, Innovation and Technology, Leadership
Fee Over $70,000
Exclusively WSB


World-Renowned, Award-Winning Photographer; Founder, The People's Portfolio

Poignant and mesmerizing storyteller capturing the essence of humanity through the visual stories of his portraits.

Creativity, Inspiring Lives, Social Justice
Fee $25K - $40K