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In a million years you will never convince me that there could have been a better speaker with a better message at a better time. I struggle for words to express just how much we enjoyed and appreciated our time with Lou Holtz. He is an amazing man, engaging speaking, and a life leader. The buzz is that he was, hands down, the best keynote speaker that we have ever had at the conference…and we have been doing this for 40 years!
Coach Holtz was terrific! Everyone absolutely loved him. Only problem is, how will we top him next year? Our conference was a huge success and his presence at the Grand Opening was the perfect kickoff.
National Concrete Masonry Association
Coach Holtz was AWESOME. He mesmerized the audience for the entire session. No one was on their phone or left the room and gave him an immediate standing ovation at the end of his presentation.
Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSMA)
Lou Holtz far exceeded our expectations. Everyone loved him!
Phil Waldrep Ministries
Lou Holtz was an amazing speaker and a wonderful guest. Everyone was thrilled to meet him and inspired by his message. He is going to be difficult to top next year!
Kim Walker, Medical Device Manufacturer
We had an awesome event! Thank you so much for the recommendation of Coach Lou Holtz. Just like you said he would, he got a standing ovation at the end. He was such a personable guy. He was super interactive with all of our guests and asked several times how he could best help the school. It made for a top notch event and our feedback has been along the lines of “he’s one of my favorites that you’ve had.” Certainly a touchdown for our 10th anniversary dinner!
Georgia Christian School
The event last night went great! Coach Holtz knocked it out of the park. He truly seemed to enjoy our town and the mission he was engaged in. It was a very important event we plan for months and the right speaker was critical. Our goal is to help young people be successful and give them the tools and education to make that happen. Coach Holtz truly inspired!
The Niswonger Group
We couldn't have been happier with Coach Holtz. He was incredible not only with the attendees but with our team as well. If he would have had the time we would have kept him with us the entire time just to entertain.
Ramsey Solutions
Lou Holtz was a huge success. He was gracious, funny and had a wonderful message.
Erie Insurance Group

Lou Holtz

Legendary Football Coach and Analyst, ESPN (2004-2015)

He is called "the greatest motivator of our time," "the best sports speaker ever," "the best football coach in 50 years" and "a modern-day Will Rogers." Lou Holtz is all of these things.

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Game Plan for Success

Lou Holtz's message transcends athletics. It resonates—even to those who aren't sports-minded. The focus is on people and the values that make relationships (and organizations) excel. Once heard, you will have no doubt why Lou Holtz is considered a legendary team leader and speaker on achievement.

Meet Lou Holtz

He is called “the greatest motivator of our time,” “the best sports speaker ever,” “the best football coach in 50 years” and “a modern-day Will Rogers.” Lou Holtz is all of these things.

One of the most celebrated and accomplished coaches in sports history, Lou Holtz has made a career of inspiring his players and motivating them to be winners. Most notable for taking the struggling Notre Dame football program and building it into being a national powerhouse, Holtz is the only coach in NCAA history to lead six different programs to bowl games and the only coach to guide four different programs to the final top 20 rankings. Holtz’s humor and humility endear him to audiences as he helps them learn to assess their strengths, work as a team and embrace the values that can help improve any organization. Whether it’s helping people understand what’s important, encouraging people to hold themselves accountable or making leaders of followers, Holtz’s advice puts audiences on the road to achievement. Holtz brought his experience and charisma to ESPN as an analyst for the network’s college football coverage from 2004-2015. He is also the author of the best-selling Winning Every Day: The Game Plan for Success, The Fighting Spirit: A Championship Season at Notre Dame and Wins, Losses, and Lessons: An Autobiography. In 2015, Holtz made his debut as a golf analyst on SiriusXM Radio as the host of Holtz in One, where he can be found sharing his passion for the game of golf, discussing the latest news and events on the PGA Tour, and sharing his many stories from the course. Holtz can also be heard on SiriusXM discussing college football on The Playbook and SiriusXM College Football Tailgate Show.

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