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Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson were phenomenal. They were right on the mark for all of their predictions for both the election and healthcare. They were great!!!!!
Edison Electric Institute
Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala were a perfect fit for our annual meeting!
Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce
Paul Begala was absolutely phenomenal and the highlight of our seminar! He was charming, entertaining, knowledgeable, and funny!
Northwestern Mutual
Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson knocked it out of the park! They were spectacular and everyone loved having them. They are also very nice guys. I really enjoyed meeting them and getting to know them a little. I would and have already recommended them highly to others. Thanks for setting it up.
Paul Begala’s delivery was powerful and passionate, and the feedback that we received from the participants was absolutely positive. He made such a positive impression. Everyone was hanging on his every word.
Volkswagen AG
Paul Begala was a dynamic, humorous and engaging speaker and the feedback has been wonderful.
Pennsylvania Homecare Association
We LOVED Paul Begala! Our audience was so pleased. He was outstanding. He made the event personal, local, relevant and humorous.
G. K. Malloy Communications
Paul Begala and Hugh Hewitt had great chemistry! The audience was completely drawn into their dialog. It was extremely well received - evident by questions from the audience, their enthusiastic applause and the survey responses received after the meeting concluded. Just overwhelmingly positive.
U.S. Travel Association
It was fantastic! Paul was one of the best speakers we have had. He was engaging and funny and gave a balanced perspective. We have had great feedback. Thank you and Paul for your attentiveness and careful planning, it showed in the presentation.
Mary Figueredo, Church Alliance
Fantastic! Stimulating! Humorous! Everyone really enjoyed Tucker & Paul’s political insights. Clearly they set a fabulous tone but covered the waterfront of candidates and topics in a very insightful manner.
Senior Executive of a Major Financial Services Corporation
Paul Begala did a wonderful job. In fact, he received a standing ovation from a mostly Republican audience! His weaving of humor and personal stories to provide clear and truthful political analysis was splendid. Overall, he had a hopeful message about America’s future and opportunities that are unique to our country. He really is a gifted speaker, and great with people.
Union University
Paul Begala was GREAT! Everyone loved him.
American College of Physicians Services, Inc.
Paul was fantastic! He was so engaging and humorous and did a great job of relating his personal experience with physical therapy. He was extremely well received.
American Physical Therapy Association
Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson were two of the best we've had at any of our annual meetings in thirteen years. Bright, witty, content rich and just a pleasure to be with. A++. We'll definitely be in touch for next year. Well done all around. NewSpring Capital
NewSpring Capital
Paul Begala is a great entertainer as well as a commentator! He had everyone in the room laughing, writing things down and talking about what he was saying. The information is rich and given in such a way that you need to listen to every word. And, he is such a gracious person. I would recommend him to everyone and we certainly want to have him back for another event. It was a breath of fresh air to have him as part of the program—people wanted more!
Saint Francis Health System

Paul Begala

Political Analyst and Commentator, CNN

Paul Begala offers a witty and highly informed perspective on the Trump Administration, the Republican Congress and today’s headlines.

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Today's Issues and Tomorrow's Ramifications

Paul Begala has seen it all—government united, government divided, gridlock and clear sailing. He now draws on his extensive experience to give audiences an understanding of the impact of today’s political landscape on such issues as the economy, budget deficit, health care, immigration, the future of Social Security and Medicare, U.S. foreign policy, the on-going war in Afghanistan, the unrest in the Middle East and other critical issues facing the country here at home and around the world.

Anything They Throw At You: How Cutting-Edge Political Communications Techniques Can Help You Win

A legendary political strategist, Paul Begala masterminded campaigns for the top leaders in government and corporate America. With his proven methods, he knows how to win over one of the toughest audiences in the world - the American public. Now, organizations can put these winning strategies at work for them. Begala provides audiences direction for crafting winning communications—which will appeal to even the most skeptical of audiences—in both business and personal life. He brings your audience proven tactics and techniques for communications success, and gives them specific strategies for getting their message across.

Meet Paul Begala

Paul Begala offers a witty and highly informed perspective on the Trump Administration, the Republican Congress and today’s headlines.

In the past 50 years, only four Democrats have won the White House. Paul Begala helped two of them. A commentator for CNN and professor at Georgetown University, Begala has worked in Congress and the White House, and in corporate life and academia. As a commentator for CNN, Begala appears on a variety of CNN programs, and writes opinion columns for Having advised campaigns around the world, including Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa, he quite literally brings a world of experience to the nation’s long-term political landscape. Using historical guideposts, Begala provides audiences insights into the what, why and how of today’s hot-button issues. Begala burst on the political scene with his partner James Carville as senior strategist for the Clinton-Gore campaign. He went on to serve President Clinton as counselor to the President, where he was one of his closest aides, helping to define and defend the Administration’s agenda. In 2012, he was a senior advisor to Priorities USA Action, the pro-Obama Super PAC, which played a critical role in President Obama’s 2012 victory. Begala is the author of several New York Times best-selling books on politics, and has taught at the University of Texas and the University of Georgia, as well as his current teaching position at Georgetown University.

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